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Tariq Zainal, Secretary-General of the Qatar Tennis, Squash and Badminton Federation, said that the Qatar Classic International Squash Championship always confirms that it is in the ranks of the major squash tournaments, as it always enjoys the participation of all the top players in the world and due to the great momentum and mass follow-up it also witnesses.

Zainal, who is the director of the tournament, added that the Qatar Classic 2020, which started its competitions yesterday, is following the same approach to ensure the success and distinction that Qatar Classic attains every year, as it witnesses the participation of all who won its titles before, and it has become an important pillar of World champions to increase their global ranking points, as the champion who wins the Qatar Cup climbs directly to the top of the world ranking.

He stressed that the champions of the game consider the Qatar Squash Championship a major goal in their annual program and are keen to participate in it annually, as it is classified as the Super Platinum Championship.

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On the meeting between Qatari national team player Abdullah Al-Tamimi, ranked 20th in the world tomorrow / Tuesday / with Peruvian Diego Elias, ranked fifth in the second round of the tournament, Zainal said that “Tamimi made a great level in his match in the first round against the English player Patrick Rooney, and he succeeded in winning him three sets. In exchange for two games … we wish him to continue his journey tomorrow and achieve victory, despite the strength and difficulty of the match. “

The tournament director expressed his wishes for all the participating heroes to reach the final rounds and present the expected and desired level of them in the Qatar Classic championship so that “we preserve the place we have reached among the professional squash players’ league tournaments.” He also expressed his hope that the title would remain Arab, especially since The tournament is hosted by the State of Qatar.