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Discover Qatar is the only destination company in the Qatar Airways Group, and Discover Qatar is focused on providing unforgettable experiences for visitors to the State of Qatar through a set of exclusive offers to ensure that the quality of services is maintained and an approach based on giving travelers the best experiences. For sustainability and respect for the customs, traditions and culture of the State of Qatar and global societies, Discover Qatar offers its services through special platforms for companies and travel agents and through its website for customers.

Through its access to distribution channels and Qatar Airways accounts on social media channels, Discover Qatar contributes to connecting tourists from different parts of the world with the State of Qatar as a preferred destination for tourism, and Discover Qatar provides world-class services in line with the quality standards that Qatar Airways is keen on. To be applied in all of its operations.

Discover Qatar has contracts with more than 25 international tourism partners to visit Doha in many important global markets. In addition, Discover Qatar has granted more than 2500 travel and tourism agencies around the world access to a special reservation page that enables them to book unforgettable trips and holidays in the State of Qatar.

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Discover Qatar has contracts with four and five-star hotels in the State of Qatar and provides exceptional prices to its customers. Discover Qatar also offers a unique temporary stopover program that provided the opportunity for more than 75,000 travelers to visit Doha during the past year. This program has flourished thanks to the State of Qatar’s announcement that citizens of more than 80 countries will be exempted from entry visas to the country, in addition to the many benefits provided by this program by making it available for special prices on hotel rooms for travelers who want to spend up to four nights in Qatar.

Discover Qatar offers travelers who have a layover of more than six hours to discover the State of Qatar through the “Transit Tour” program, where they will be able to leave the airport and spend the best times either by roaming in the city or by experiencing desert adventures.

The list of important markets to discover Qatar includes Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, North America, Australia, and Asia, where more than 100,000 travelers had the opportunity to experience the services of this company. Discover Qatar organized more than 120,000 tours and made reservations for more than 35,000 hotel nights for its clients

Discover Qatar has strengthened its relations with major tour operators in the world and strengthened its position and leadership in the field of organizing desert tours by ensuring the development of a package of desert experiences that would advance the temporary stopover program in Qatar.