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In response to the humanitarian conditions related to the renewed displacement movement continuing inside Syria, Qatar Charity recently implemented 4 projects to provide tents in Idlib Governorate, northern Syria, which included the establishment of more than 6 thousand tents with 12 thousand plastic insulation for the benefit of 5800 displaced families, and this intervention came Based on the needs assessment issued by the shelter and non-food items sector of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

These projects fall within the relief projects aimed at preserving the dignity of displaced and refugee families, securing a safe haven for them and alleviating their suffering by providing them with shelter and the necessary services.

The large displacement movement that took place in the last period towards the northern and northwestern regions of the governorates of Aleppo and Idleb caused the existing camps to be overcrowded, which increased the need to provide tents to accommodate the large numbers of affected families.

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Safety and security

Eng. Ahmed Al-Jasem, responsible for housing and accommodation in the Qatar Charity office in Turkey, said that the field teams completed all projects for providing tents, and we were keen during the construction process to leave separate spaces between the tents in order to ensure public safety, and to avoid the outbreak of fires or the erosion of the tents due to rainwater.

In turn, “Muhammad Al-Yaseen”, one of the beneficiaries of the current projects, thanked the honorable people of Qatar for their support and standing with the families of the displaced, as well as Qatar Charity for implementing these projects that provide shelter for families in tragic conditions, and said that he was living with his family in a dilapidated tent. He made it from the remnants of the old covers a few months ago, and now he feels more comfortable and safe after he made use of the tent that was set up for him and his family.

Typical camps and villages

It is noteworthy that Qatar Charity had completed the establishment of a camp consisting of 1,200 residential caravans with its infrastructure at the beginning of this year in the Azaz region, north of Aleppo Governorate, and is planning to establish many new camps due to the urgent need in this area.

Qatar Charity provides assistance in the field of sheltering the affected internally displaced persons and refugees to neighboring countries as well, including providing tents and their isolators, providing housing units (caravans) for some camps and house rents, distributing blankets and clothes in the winter, and providing furniture and basic supplies for housing units. .

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis and until now, Qatar Charity has managed to establish 11 model villages that include about 5492 housing units of prefabricated or cement homes, in addition to other shelter projects that include providing 100 temporary shelters and 15 shelters for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and changing tents to caravans in the Zaatari camp in Jordan. .