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Just as Qatar succeeded in seizing the “Suez Canal” and the pyramids “.. Here it succeeds in seizing a precious fishing, which is Ataturk Airport, one of the largest and most important airports in the world … With the dawn of the Arab Spring and change, Qatar’s appetite for the purchase of all landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, has opened And Big Ben ..

The scene in 2013: “Qatar buys the Suez Canal”, “Qatar buys the pyramids” With these fake and other sentences, the Egyptian media succeeded in distorting the first elected Egyptian president, and Qatar, which supported the nascent democratic experience, so that the Egyptians forget those who spoiled their lives and pour out their anger on those who sold to Qatar The most expensive possessions, even though what was sold after the coup d’état on it to Saudi Arabia and the UAE is greater than what they were denigrating.

The same scene is repeated in 2020: “Qatar buys Ataturk Airport” and “Erdogan sold his land.” Thus, “Okaz” and its partners in the UAE and Egypt grab a fake tweet of an opposition Turkish journalist as if they were facts, with the aim of distorting Turkey and Qatar.

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As it became easy, and the press story is simple and inexpensive, there are no reliable sources, and no accountability .. “Qatar buys land on the Istanbul Canal” It is possible to buy the Istanbul channel itself, and if the matter needs a more sophisticated plot: “Qatar will buy the Hagia Sophia” And Ankara traced it back to its origin, a mosque for this reason … and “those who are easy to take to take advantage of” are ready to believe as described by Saudi-Emirati writer Mansour Al-Nogaidan.

“Okaz” revived the story of buying Ataturk Airport again, after the Egyptian media opened it through the “seventh day” a week ago based on a fabricated tweet, but the “Egyptian Fabrication and Distortion Professor” realized that the story would not sell the illusion to readers, largely naive, and not the meaning of its success In 2013, she succeeded in 2020 … but the “Saudi student of fabrication and mutilation” failed in everything, even in selling illusions !!.

According to the Anadolu Agency, the story began with a tweet by a Turkish journalist named “Jalal Eren Celik” published on July 12th, in which he asked about information he said was related to the sale of Ataturk Airport to the State of Qatar, without disclosing the source of his information or supporting it with evidence.

However, the websites, accounts and newspapers of the blockading countries grabbed the tweet with the utmost speed in view of the instinctive hatred against Qatar and Turkey and their success in relying on themselves and presenting the two finest economic models in light of the failure and frustration that their people live in daily.

The Observatory of Lies in Anatolia says that the Egyptian newspaper, “The Seventh Day”, which is affiliated with the regime, titled, “A Turkish journalist reveals a surprise … Erdogan sold Ataturk Airport to Qatar to save the Turkish lira.” It was completed, and it has become in the past using the phrase “Erdogan sold Ataturk Airport to Qatar,” while the Turkish President’s name was not mentioned in the journalist’s “Chilik” tweet, and he did not mention that Turkey or Erdogan sold the airport to Qatar, but was asking a question to the Justice and Development Party’s government to verify information And it relates, he says.

The news also circulated several newspapers, websites and accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

The Anatolian Observatory team confirms that the news circulated with “misleading” addresses has no connection with the original of what came in the tweet, which is the only source of information that was not confirmed by the Turkish journalist himself, and that the news circulated was out of the context of what came in the tweet that the account owner did not mention that the airport It has been sold to Qatar. He even wrote his tweet asking only the AK Party.

Despite “Okaz” being acquainted with the official denial published about a week ago, she continued to change the news to reproduce the news, with the addition of old febarakat, such as Qatar’s purchase of part of the Istanbul channel, with a cartoon of Qatar exhibitions showing Qatar buying Turkey.

We understood, and the followers in the countries of the blockade understood that what is required is distortion of Qatar and Turkey always in any form and in accordance with any story without a professional or human conscience … In 2020 !!