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A number of doctors and health professionals in the country have warned of a second wave of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).In the state, the reason for the wrong practices and behaviors of some members of society, which were taken from the easing of restrictions and the state’s access to the third stage, as a pretext for not adhering to the precautionary measures approved by the Ministry of Public Health, in addition to the violations committed by some families and families in their social events such as exceeding the permitted number of People, which contributed to creating foci of the virus in a number of families inside and outside Doha, which doctors considered as a second wave of the virus, thus affecting the weakest link in society, namely the elderly, people with chronic diseases, and others who take immunosuppressive drugs to be prey. For this virus, which sets its window in the event that any loophole is found that enables it to spread and spread in society, in light of the lack of a safe and effective vaccine to stand in the way of this virus, which is still spreading unabated.
Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Hamad Al Thani – Director of the Public Health Department at the Ministry of Public Health – called on community members to adhere to and adhere to the precautionary measures of the Ministry of Public Health regarding limiting the outbreak of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).He emphasized that laxity in following precautionary measures, and violating some laws related to the number of people present in one place, by referring to family visits and social events that exceeded ten people, may cause infection from 6 to 10 people, which poses a danger to the elderly and sick Non-communicable diseases if they are in the circle of the affected person, which contributes to the increase in the number of patients who need care in the hospital, and thus the increase in the number of people in need of intensive care, and thus the effect on the increase in the number of deaths, so all members of society must be patient, and continue to adhere to the procedures Precautionary measures, and not in a hurry to ease the precautionary restrictions, so that the country does not enter a second wave, as some countries that have eased the precautionary restrictions, and affected them in facing a second wave of Corona virus without the ability to control it.
* A societal responsibility
In turn, Dr. Yousef Al-Maslamani – Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital – appealed to members of the Qatari community for more cooperation to maintain a low rate of injuries, pointing out that this matter is no longer the responsibility of a specific party but a shared responsibility between the state, citizens and residents, and since the state has passed the peak stage, the responsibility is greater The community members, both citizens and residents, urged everyone to act responsibly to stand up to the possibility of a second wave of the epidemic, by adhering to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Public Health, stressing that inaction and complacency in limiting the spread of the virus in the community may lead to a second wave of the spread of the epidemic and the return To the first square, what is required is full compliance with the instructions by not leaving the house except for the most urgent necessity, in addition to the necessity of using protective masks to protect the person himself and others from the consequences of infection, washing hands frequently with soap and water, and ensuring physical spacing between individuals even in councils and family visits,Not to shake hands with the hand or with “kicks”, calling on the Qatari community to adhere to the measures so that the state does not enter the tunnel of a second wave of the spread of the virus.
Laxity in procedures
Dr. Jamila Al-Ajmi – Executive Director of the Infection Control Department and a Consultant Infectious Diseases Consultant at Hamad Medical Corporation – considered that easing the restrictions imposed due to the new Corona pandemic “Covid-19” does not in any way mean leniency and leniency in applying the precautionary measures, especially since the virus has not disappeared as it thinks. Some, and some countries have even been forced to re-impose restrictions on some activities due to facing a second wave of the virus, and recording a number of infections, and there are countries that still suffer from the severity of the virus spread and a large proportion of the number of deaths, so it is important for society to assume part of the responsibilities through Protecting oneself by not being complacent in applying the precautionary measures represented by physical distancing, and the use of protective masks.In public places, crowded places and places without ventilation because of its role in limiting the transmission of infection from people who show symptoms of the disease, or infected people without any symptoms, with the need to wash hands with soap and water for twenty seconds or be careful to use disinfectant alcohol, especially after touching surfaces In public places, physical distancing.
Jamila Al-Ajmi stressed that members of society must take into account that until now there is no effective and safe vaccine against the emerging corona virus, pointing out that the State of Qatar is following up, like other countries, this matter in order to obtain a safe and effective vaccine, but until the vaccine appears, which will require not a short time. Society members must take all precautionary measures seriously, with no tolerance in applying them as they are the first line of defense in limiting the spread of the virus, so that life returns to its way back.
The Ministry of Public Health had previously announced a noticeable increase in the number of new infections after a period of decline, attributing the reason to the negligence in applying the precautionary measures during the Eid Al-Adha holiday period, especially in family visits, in addition to the violations committed by a number of community members through organizing parties This caused the spread of the virus in a number of areas, in a worrying manner among citizens and residents of the professionals, and this increase was ten days after Eid al-Adha and gave more than the increase after Eid al-Fitr, and the numbers were high among members of the same family that may extend to several homes, and its source Meetings and social events that exceeded the numbers in violation of instructions.
According to Dr. Abd al-Latif al-Khal – head of the National Strategic Group for Responding to Coronavirus at the Ministry of Public Health, Head of the Communicable Diseases Department at the Hamad Medical Corporation – the Ministry stated that the percentage of positive testing for every 100 samples examined in the laboratory increased to 35% during the peak period, then decreased To 5% at the beginning of this August, the percentage has increased slightly recently, and the percentage of positive examination is considered one of the important indicators that the Ministry of Public Health monitors, as the percentage of positive examination among contacts of family members has increased significantly, which indicates not taking Caution in the context of the single family. ”
* Corona deaths are a great loss
And Dr. Al-Khal had expressed his regret about the deaths due to the emerging corona virus Covid-19, which reached 192 deaths so far, and hardly a day or two may pass without a death due to the virus, and most often the infection was due to the transmission of the virus from a member The family to the deceased person, and he may have picked up the injury due to social visits during which he was not committed to using protective masks, and he did not maintain a safe distance, pointing in his speech to the number of cases whose condition is severe and require hospitalization, which is one of the indicators of the Ministry of Health and shows the stability of admission rates , But it is likely to increase during the coming weeks, and the graphic also shows the intensive care unit, which is one of the indicators that the Ministry of Public Health monitors, as every day from two to 5 cases are entered into intensive care, and cases may increase in the coming weeks.
* A safe home environment
Dr. Al-Khal recommended that persons over the age of 50 years or any other individual suffering from chronic diseases, regardless of their age, to maintain a safe environment in their home by wearing protective face masks if they are close to others, whether inside the house or during going out for shopping or for any other purpose, with Take care to avoid crowding and closed places, and as for social gatherings, councils, family visits and events, it is recommended not to exceed the maximum permissible amount of 10 people in any closed place and to be careful to use protective face masks and leave a safe distance with others, and to ensure that the place is well ventilated until the air changes And reduce the period of meetings and visits and avoid anyone showing symptoms of infection in the respiratory system, as for workplaces, everyone is advised to use protective masks if the workplace is shared and there are two or more people and leave a safe distance with others, sterilize hands frequently and avoid gathering Inside common areasWork sites.