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Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Khal, head of the Communicable Diseases Center at the Hamad Medical Corporation and Chairman of the National Strategic Committee to Address Coronavirus, explained the truth about what is said that vaccination against seasonal influenza protects against infection with “Covid 19”.

He said during a telephone interview with the Social Distance program on Qatar TV on Monday evening: It is not known that influenza vaccination protects against Covid 19 .. There are some studies that indicate the possibility of this happening, but this has not been proven yet.

He added: But the benefit of influenza vaccination, especially in this season, in addition to reducing acute influenza infection and the need for hospitalization, will reduce stress or anxiety that may occur in the event that a person or a family member suffers from influenza, and there is a doubt whether this is Covid or influenza?

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He continued: For this reason, vaccination against seasonal influenza is of particular importance, and theoretically there is a possibility that a person will be infected with influenza and corona at the same time, and this may lead to more complications .. Therefore, vaccination is recommended in this season for the most vulnerable groups.

Dr. Al-Khal indicated that the seasonal flu vaccination will be available in 27 health centers, in addition to many medical centers and private hospitals, and it will be free of charge.

Today, the Ministry of Health announced the launch of a seasonal influenza vaccination campaign that begins tomorrow in all 27 PHCC health centers in addition to the outpatient clinics of Hamad Medical Corporation and more than 40 semi-governmental and private health facilities, where the vaccine will be provided free of charge to all.

 During the ministry’s press conference, Dr. Al-Khal said that the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign has been expanded this year to include a greater number of people due to the continuing Corona virus epidemic, as the campaign aims to vaccinate about 500,000 people.