Doha calls for more efforts to fight terror

New York
The Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani patronised the opening of the US-Islamic World Forum in New York on Sunday.
The forum aims to explore opportunities to strengthen cooperation between the Islamic world and the US.
The Emir also met ministers, senior officials and guests at the US-Islamic World Forum.
Speaking at the forum, Foreign Minister HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al Thani has called on the international community to take all measures to combat terrorism.
“Failure to address the social and economic causes of violence will contribute to its (terrorism) continuation,” he said, adding that the international community needs many channels of communication and dialogue platforms such as this forum to build bridges and strengthen cooperation among people and countries.
Such forums will help in instilling a sense of tolerance among the followers of different religions and sects and work to address the distortion caused by hypocrites and the extremists, he added.
“Qatar has always reiterated its rejection of all forms of fanaticism and extremism and the resulting violence and terrorism. It also called for serious contribution within the framework of international and regional efforts to combat this dangerous phenomenon, which contradicts all religious values and human ethics,” he said.
Sheikh Mohammed said organising the forum at this time is very important as there was a rise in conflicts as well as political and ideological divisions, causing instability in many regions.
He said some just causes of people are still unresolved despite the issuance of several United Nations resolutions, a matter which requires international efforts to implement them.
Sheikh Mohammed said Qatar is making continuous efforts to consolidate dialogue among civilizations and spreading coexistence among different religions and cultures.
Qatari institutions such as the Doha Center for Interfaith Dialogue, as well as the annual Doha Forum, have been established and many conferences and meetings have been held to strengthen this trend, Sheikh Mohammed added.