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As part of the fourth phase of the gradual lifting of precautionary restrictions to address the new Corona pandemic, Covid-19 in Qatar, Doha Festival City announced the first and best option for shopping and food in Qatar, to open the two dining halls again with 30% of the capacity in addition to receiving children again starting from the date of September 1.

To protect the children, Doha Festival City will provide them with masks, which it recommends that they wear while they are in the mall. Children will also be subjected to a temperature measurement upon admission. As for those under the age of twelve years, it is recommended that they be accompanied by parents or a guardian on their behalf, and they must also adhere to the rules of social distancing to ensure their safety.

Doha Festival City will also open the northern and southern restaurant halls, starting from September 1, with the provision of a dedicated security team to oversee the capacity of the seats so that they do not exceed 30%, in accordance with the directives of the competent authorities. The necessary precautionary measures will also be applied to ensure the rules of social distancing and the application of maximum capacity in the two restaurant lobbies.

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Entertainment stores and places designated for games will remain closed in line with the precautionary measures approved by the competent authorities, and the cinema will open its doors with a capacity not exceeding 15%, as the date of the reopening will be confirmed soon. As part of the precautionary measures taken by VOX Cinemas, all halls will be disinfected and cleaned regularly, with the commitment of cinema staff to wear masks and gloves, in addition to measuring temperature and taking necessary hygiene measures. With the reduced capacity in the cinemas, the seats next to customers and the seats in front and behind them will be left vacant. VOX Cinemas will offer visitors the opportunity to book all of its services online, as well as the option of contactless payment and self-scanning of tickets to avoid waiting to buy tickets, food and drinks. Only adults (18+) are permitted to enter the cinema at this stage.

All Doha Festival City shoppers can now take advantage of the additional parking space, which opened on August 16th, which is located near the mall’s retail area full of luxury brands. The new car park has a capacity of 165 cars, which makes it easier for shoppers to reach the newly launched Edge Fitness Sports Hall, in addition to facilitating the process of exiting the mall and entering North Road during peak hours.

In line with the precautionary measures approved by the competent authorities, Doha Festival City has implemented a number of health measures to ensure the safety of visitors and employees throughout the mall. These measures include permanent work to sterilize all facilities of the mall on a weekly basis, as well as intensive cleaning and sterilization operations during the mall’s working hours, and the creation of 127 hand sterilization stations throughout the mall, especially in areas that are highly popular with visitors.

Shoppers must show the green sign in the precaution application when entering the mall, and they must wear masks while they are in the mall. Signs indicating that the safe physical spacing is adhered to in areas known to the existence of queues for shoppers and visitors, such as ATM kiosks, bank branches, telecommunications companies’ offices, and various shops were provided in order to help visitors maintain the recommended safe distance according to the directives of the competent authorities. . Various stores will also provide hand sanitizers at the gate and at checkout boxes to ensure adherence to the highest hygiene standards.