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A number of hotel sector officials confirmed that hospitality establishments of various classifications use the latest technological data in all their operational work, especially in the field of marketing and promoting the components of their services in the local and international markets, indicating that modern technology and technologies have become the new mechanisms that the hotel sector relies on greatly to inform visitors. On the latest services and the latest developments related to the hospitality industry, such as the use of various social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook and other modern technologies, noting the intensification of competition between the components of the hotel sector in the use of this technology with strict adherence to the controls and laws governing this, noting that all Hotel currently includes a team of professional competence that enhances the process of electronic shopping across all its modes.

Ihab Barghouth: The use of modern technology is at the forefront of hotels’ interest

Mr. Ihab Barghouth, General Manager of Millennium Plaza Hotel Doha said: “Relying on advanced technology has become at the forefront of the marketing concerns of the hotel sector, and hotels of various classifications are competing to enhance their march in this dynamic and dynamic field through a professional staff with the ability to creativity and innovation in the technical field The promotion through websites provides opportunities to reach the largest number of customers at the local and global levels, and the reliance on technology in marketing will greatly enhance its position in the future.
Ihab Barghouth said, “The Millennium Plaza Doha is one of the hotels that use modern technology to market the quality of its product, whether on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp, as well as global sites such as Google and YouTube, indicating that these sites constitute the future of hotel marketing because of their access to the largest number. Of tourists, noting that the spread of smartphones is one of the main reasons that make relying on modern technologies a natural matter, stressing that the Millennium Plaza Doha will continue its march in promoting and marketing its service quality components through various websites.

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Shadi Qassem: Avenue is making a qualitative presence on the communication sites

Mr. Shady Kassem, General Manager of Avenue Hotel said: “Marketing is one of the important and vital hotel work data. Hotel, in addition to electronic marketing through social networking sites from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, pointing out that the Doha Avenue Hotel is one of the local hotel system that records a qualitative presence on social networking sites as it is one of the rapid and dynamic promotion mechanisms, indicating that the hotel sector has become heavily dependent on Marketing the components of its current and future services on the electronic side while not neglecting other marketing aspects such as advertising through newspapers or actively participating in international exhibitions.
“Competition has become fierce between the hotel sector in the innovation of electronic marketing services, as each hotel includes a team specialized in this field to show the capabilities of the hotels and their professional, service and marketing capabilities,” said Shadi Qassem, noting that the Avenue Hotel is one of the first hotels that went down to reality marketing through its website Which makes the hotel acquire a large share of visitors from the local and international markets, stressing that Doha Avenue will continue the e-marketing march through creativity and qualitative innovation in this field so that hotel customers are aware of the latest details of services, new and modern in the field of quality in addition to knowing the role The hotel is to establish advanced and modern concepts in the field of hotel services

George Akkar: Intensifying competition between hotels in the use of technology

, Mr. George Akkar, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Ritz-Carlton Doha, said, “The hotel sector has used a number of modern technological and electronic mechanisms to market its service components, especially the mechanisms related to social networking sites due to the speed of their spread and reach to the largest number of People, especially with the widespread use of smartphones, and the Ritz-Carlton Doha from the local hotel system that relies a lot in the field of promoting its services through electronic fields that provide opportunities for customers to be informed of new and modern services first-hand, as well as relying on websites in local newspapers.
George Akkar said, “The competition has intensified between the components of the hospitality industry in the use of modern technology, especially Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others in marketing their immediate and future services, indicating that each hotel strives to enhance its promotional position through these new uses through cadres and energies with the ability to creativity and innovation in the field of E-marketing, explaining that the optimal use of technology has become the effective standard in marketing and hotel marketing

Ameen Al-Darawsheh: Modern technologies are a fundamental pillar in all hotel business

. Mr. Amin Al-Darawsheh, Assistant General Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing Department at Al Shoala Hotel and Al Azizia Boutique Hotel, said, “Competition has intensified between hospitality establishments of various categories in the use of modern technology, which has become one of the most important mechanisms, not in the field of marketing and promotion.” It is only a fundamental pillar in all operational hotel business, stressing the decline in the traditional operational business, which made the local hotel sector outperform its global counterpart in this vital technical field, indicating that electronic dealing has become the dominant one in the marketing and promotional field for hotel sector services, as hotels have become dependent on Online communication sites are highly dependent, especially Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Al-Darawsheh said: The Shuala and Al Azizia Boutique hotels “include an electronic team that possesses the forefront of efficiency and craftsmanship, and through the optimal use of modern technologies, it has been able to acquaint hotel customers at the local and international levels with the services of the two hotels and their exemplary role in enriching the hospitality industry and with the new services expected to be downloaded to the ground.” To introduce them to the strict adherence to the terms of the Qatar Clean Program, as it is a unique and distinct health program that has contributed to the promotion and consolidation of all local hotels, which have made them a safe and sound entertainment platform for visitors from all markets. He said: “We always strive to be distinguished in this important technical field to be Clients of the two hotels are up-to-date with the latest, most innovative and innovative services

Mohamed Farag: Technology establishes new concepts of marketing and reservations

. “The local hotel sector has adopted a new and important strategy related to harnessing advanced technology in activating marketing programs due to the spread of Smart phones that allow quick access to all the service details of hospitality establishments, indicating that electronic marketing has become of interest to hospitality establishments of various classifications and categories while not forgetting other promotional and marketing data such as dealing with other media interested in the hospitality sector and the hotel sector.
Muhammad Faraj said:The hotel sector competes in the optimal use of modern technology in marketing the quality of its service components through its inclusion of a work team concerned with activating technology in the rest of the operational business, and this team is characterized by profession, efficiency and the ability to innovate and innovate in the technical field, which establishes new concepts for the hotel and provides opportunities to closely identify each good He is a modernist in the field of services, pointing out in this context that the Crowne Plaza – Business Oasis and Holiday Inn Doha – Business Oasis is one of the global hotel system that pays great attention to the field of electronic marketing due to its active role in introducing customers to the latest service data at the highest speed, noting in this field that The two hotels include an integrated professional team that is responsible for promoting the hotel’s operational standards through the use of modern technological mechanisms and media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and other technologies of social networking sites, while activating all marketing and promotional controls.