As part of the ‘Doha – The Capital of Islamic Youth 2019’ activities, the Ministry of Culture and Sports has announced the ‘Doha Oasis for Innovation’ event from September 14-20.
The activities will be held under the motto ‘Youth is power of the nation’, and under the supervision of the Qatar Center for Cultural and Heritage Events.
The event, in co-operation with the Qatar Scientific Club, aims to stimulate youth creativity in the fields of invention and innovation, which consolidates a culture of science and work to achieve the demands of development and prosperity.
Dr Hareb al-Jabri, executive director, Qatar Scientific Club, said that the Doha Oasis for Innovation focuses on inventions and innovations and attracting talent in the Islamic world as part of a week-long programme.
The objective is to inspire the Islamic youth towards creativity and innovation, in addition to enhancing digital manufacturing skills.
The Doha Oasis for Innovation is divided into two events: The first is an individual competition in which each participant presents his or her invention within two days and there will be a jury of international standards.
The exhibition will have standards similar to the Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, as well as the participation of arbitrators from the international event to ensure transparency and integrity.
About the conditions of the individual competition and its most important criteria, Dr al-Jabri pointed out that it is available to everyone between the ages of 18 and 30.
Those wishing to participate from the Islamic world must register through the website of Doha, the capital of Islamic Youth, provided that they obtain a patent or its equivalent for the participating projects.
The second competition is a group event. The participants are distributed to five teams with ten participants in each group, and each team enters a competition in 48 hours.
The Qatar Scientific Club will provide workshops and all tools and devices that help innovators to implement their collective innovations. A workshop will be devoted to each team to implement their idea, no matter how complicated it is, in cooperation with the Islamic Youth Forum, of the OIC.
Dr al-Jabri said that five specialisations were adopted in group competitions: mechanics, electronics, programming, manufacturing, and robotics. The main objective of the group competition is to confirm co-operation and exchange of experiences among the youth of the Islamic world.
Gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded in the individual competitions, and the winners of the group competition honoured during the closing ceremony of the Doha- the Capital of Islamic Youth 2019.
Fatima al-Mohannadi, managing director of the Qatar Scientific Club, said that the club will be ready to receive the participants from various Islamic countries.
Abdulrahman Saleh Khamis, technical director, Qatar Scientific Club, said the event reflects the pivotal role of Qatar in supporting the innovations of young people in the Islamic world.
He explained that the Qatar Scientific Club will present two important programmes during the Doha Oasis for Innovation. The first includes an exhibition of youth innovations in the Islamic world whereas the second will feature scientific projects of the young people who are looking for opportunities.
David Farouqi, chairman, jury of the exhibition, observed that innovators from the Islamic world from Malaysia through to Mauritania are expected to come up with very interesting ideas.