Activities of the Doha Youth Camp for Voluntary and Humanitarian Work will begin today under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
The event is being organised in collaboration with the Islamic Co-operation Youth Forum as part of the Doha – OIC Youth Capital 2019 activities and under the motto ‘The Youth is the Power of Nation’.
The initiative aims at developing the capacities of Muslim youth in the fields of relief and disaster management, a press statement notes. The activity will continue until November 6, organised by the Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Centre in collaboration with Qatar Charity at Darb Al Saai.
“The Doha Youth Camp for Voluntary and Humanitarian Work initiative is an opportunity for Muslim youth to exchange experiences in the field of volunteerism and humanitarian work with an aim to develop their capacity in the fields of relief and disaster management. It will witness overnight accommodation for the participants, reflecting a practical reality of the situation faced by affected people and refugees as a result of wars and natural disasters. The accommodation of participants in the camp will be similar to that of refugees and those affected by disasters and wars,” the statement explains.
Mohamed Ali al-Ghamdi, the camp supervisor and assistant to Qatar Charity’s CEO, said the camp will contribute “to promoting proximity among young people of Islamic countries and building bridges of dialogue to exchange experiences for empowering young people of the Islamic world”.
“The activity provides a professional and advanced framework in the areas of humanitarian and development work for the participants through programmes that include theoretical and practical activities, in addition to the acquisition of a number of technical skills by the young people,” he said.
Al-Ghamdi pointed out that the training period would include seminars, training courses and workshops on international law, codes of conduct for humanitarian response and other relevant activities.
He also explained that the camp would uphold the motto in order to enable the youth of the Islamic world to further engage in the process of construction and development.
The camp’s programme would seek to promote the spirit of giving and assistance among the Muslim youth and establish a modern and sophisticated approach that works to develop traditional charitable works, build modern models of Islamic giving and ensure the sustainability of these models, he stressed.
Al-Ghamdi said that the objectives of the camp include establishing positive values ??and fostering a culture of creativity and innovation among young people through an effective network of youth activists in the field of humanitarian and development work in the countries of the Islamic world.
In addition, the camp will provide Muslim youth with an opportunity to go through real experiences by simulating the reality of some communities in the areas of education and health and how to promote them.
Dr Hamad al-Fayyad, supervisor of the Doha Youth Camp for Voluntary and Humanitarian Work 2019, added: “This activity will highlight Qatar’s efforts in the field of humanitarian and volunteer work. Many entities will participate in this, such as the Permanent Committee for Emergency, Civil Defence, Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya), Hamad Medical Corp, Qatar Charity, the UN Refugee Agency and many other partners.”