Doha’s high rents push it to 10th most expensive city in global index

Doha is the world’s 10th most expensive city in which to rent a home, putting it ahead of cities such as Singapore, Zurich and Washington DC, according to figures in a new global cost of living index.

The mid-year cost of living index by Numbeo, which runs an international database based on user-contributed information, ranked Doha in 205th spot globally for its overall living costs, with a score of 71.18 for its consumer price index (CPI).

This is based on the price of a “basket” of common goods and services such as groceries, fuel, clothing and dining out. The main CPI figure in this index does not include rent, which is calculated as a separate score. For CPI plus rent, Doha scored even higher, with a rating of 73.46.

The numbers in the index relate all cities to New York City, which has been given a base score of 100. So the cost of daily living plus rent in Doha is equivalent to 73 percent of the same costs in NYC.
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Source News: Doha News
Photo: Jun Ong/Flickr