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Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Khal, head of the National Strategic Group for Responding to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and Head of the Infectious Diseases Department at Hamad Medical Corporation, confirmed the success of the State of Qatar in significantly controlling the Corona virus, which appears from the significant decrease in the number of daily infections compared to the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, except He warned of small waves of the virus, especially in light of its spread among the professional category of citizens and residents.

Today, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 253 new cases of Coronavirus in the last twenty-four hours, and the recovery of 243 cases, bringing the total number of people recovering in Qatar to 117,241, in addition to recording two new deaths, aged 71 and 76 years.

Dr. Al-Khal said during “Our Life” on Qatar TV on Monday evening: The number of daily cases of Corona “Covid 19” in Qatar has greatly decreased, as we are at the height of the epidemic and the number of daily infections reached 2,500, but thank God thanks to the efforts that it has made. The government, represented by the Ministry of Health, and with the support of all other ministries, we were able to reduce the impact of the epidemic significantly, so that the number of daily infections is now approximately 10% of what we used to be, meaning that daily injuries range from 200 to 250 cases.

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He added: The epidemiological studies carried out by the Ministry of Health showed that the measures and decisions that were imposed succeeded in a large percentage in reducing the epidemic by 75%, meaning that 75% of the cases that were supposed to have been spared these infections, which eased the pressure on the health sector to a greater degree than expected. .

He said: The wave that we went through in the second half of May and the first week of June was a relatively large peak, and I do not expect that we will pass the same peak, but we will pass in small waves between falling and rising from now until the end of the year, but the worry in these small waves is that they are widespread Among the Qataris and residents are professionals who are with their families, and these two groups include the elderly and those with chronic diseases, and these are more vulnerable to complications from the virus.

He explained that although these foci and small waves that will occur, and the number of daily infections will remain limited, it is worrisome that the virus may reach the most vulnerable groups, which leads to an increase in the number of cases entering hospital and an increase in the number of cases entering intensive care.

And he stressed the need for community members to take the same degree of caution that they were dealing with at the beginning of the epidemic crisis because the virus changed its way and became transmitted between Qataris and residents of professionals, so they must be more careful than they were, especially the age of young people because we noticed the spread of the virus among young people under the age of 20 Years old.

He continued: In the beginning, there were tremendous efforts by the state in educating society, and we succeeded in a very large way in combating the misinformation that was spread through the “social media”, and most members of society now know how to protect themselves, their family and friends from contracting the virus, but the problem is that it happened. A kind of boredom, complacency, and the degree of anxiety I said to people, and this matter is somewhat disturbing, because it means that despite the presence of information and culture in society, people do not adhere to these procedures, which results in the spread of the virus among families, and this we have noticed in some public places such as malls, gym and fitness centers and some Other shopping areas.

He reiterated the importance of wearing the muzzle and the safe distance, saying: The precautionary measures are very simple, such as the obligation to wear the muzzle, especially when he is close to others and maintains a distance of one and a half meters to two meters from others as they are the two most important measures that a person can adhere to and protect himself with a very large percentage of injury Virus ..

Al-Khal sent a message to young people, saying: I would like to warn the youth group that they do not believe that they are safe from the virus. If it strikes them, its symptoms are mild. They may be mildly infected, but they may transmit it to their parents or an elderly member of the family, and some young people are infected with the virus. Severe injury and end up being hospitalized, and we noticed even a few cases of deaths among some of the injured at the age of twenty.

He said that societal awareness and commitment to the information gained by community members is very important from now until the emergence of vaccination to control the virus.

And he stressed that adherence to these simple instructions and easy-to-implement instructions greatly helps reduce daily injuries, and this commitment will not be for years, but until the emergence of vaccination,

He indicated that there are encouraging indications from the authorities and companies that are working on developing new vaccinations or vaccines, saying: So far, the results of the trials are encouraging and reassuring that these vaccinations are effective and safe, and the final results will be available to us at the end of October.