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His Excellency Dr. Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Attiyah, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Defense Affairs, affirmed that the Qatari-Libyan relationship is very old, and it is a relationship that was strengthened after the outcomes of the Skhirat Agreement and work with the Government of National Accord in previous years, indicating that they are strong relations based on foundations of respect from each party To the other party and to cooperate in all fields.

On the Qatari vision for a solution in Libya, His Excellency stressed – in an interview with Al-Jazeera TV – “There is no doubt that there is importance to reaching a political solution to the Libyan crisis, and this political solution comes through the political agreement and the outputs of the Skhirat Agreement and the international track in accordance with relevant and relevant Security Council resolutions. The link with the Libyan case .. There is no other option but the option of a political solution, which is what we urge our brothers in Libya. “

His Excellency added: “Now it remains the issue of the reconciliation government finding a partner on the other side who can meet the requirements of a political solution,” indicating that what he described as “Haftar’s case,” we hope that it will not be repeated while I am talking about the other party who has good intentions for a political solution.

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Regarding regional and international initiatives, Dr. Khaled Al-Attiyah said: We cannot dictate the brothers in Libya in which direction they should go .. But there must be intentions for a political solution and these intentions must be sincere .. And there must be partners, thus finding the brothers from the parties in Libya There are many foreign parties that have the same orientation in Libya and have the same hope that Libya will be united, and they will find all support for the political process.

** The recent Tripoli discussions
and regarding the recent visit of His Excellency, accompanied by the Turkish Minister of Defense to Libya, Dr. Al-Attiyah: “The meetings with the brothers in Libya and the Turkish Minister of Defense were all fruitful. They are meetings for consultation and discussion about the best ways to protect the unity of Libya and how to combat mercenaries from any side .. The mercenaries cause anxiety transiting Libya and result in the phenomenon of illegal immigration .. We also talked about A political solution and openness to the parties that want a viable political solution to the Libyan crisis.

His Excellency said: “What we have seen from the discussions in Libya with all the parties in the reconciliation government is their openness to the political solution..and we found great positivity in adopting this option .. The reconciliation government has a sincere intention to stop the bloodshed and sit down to find a political solution that serves Libya and the Libyans and thus results from it. Civilian government. “

His Excellency added: “What we fear is the militarization of Libya, and at the core of the discussion of the three parties was to discuss how to avoid the militarization of Libya and to reach Libya to safety, so that the Libyan parties reach a political solution for the civil state that all Libyans desire.”

** The military solution and Haftar’s aggression
His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister affirmed that the international community has a great responsibility to ensure that Haftar’s actions and aggression against Libyan cities are not repeated, warning that “if the Libyan issue is not set in the right track, which is the path of a political solution, problems for Libya may result. And to the neighboring countries. ” 

Regarding Haftar’s rejection of the Berlin process and political solutions, Dr. Khaled Al-Attiyah said: Haftar rejected it, but the other parties did not reject it .. Therefore, we are trying to encourage all parties to sit at the dialogue table and reach a political solution, indicating that the officials of the reconciliation government are open, God they want a partner He can negotiate with them to reach a political solution that meets the aspirations of the Libyans. 

Regarding Haftar’s insistence on a military solution, his Excellency said: “Haftar has tried a gun solution and you know the results. Therefore, it must be ensured that the experience of the rifle will not be repeated.” On the unity of Libya, bloodshed and the arrival of a civil state that meets the aspirations of the Libyans, pointing out that in the end, “Libya is for all Libyans.”

** The Libyan neighborhood 
and on the Egyptian role in support of Haftar, the Minister of State for Defense Affairs said: There is no doubt that Egypt has an influential role in the Libyan issue, and we hope that it will play a role in finding real partners for the reconciliation government to encourage them to sit at the dialogue table and reach a political solution, and all the neighboring countries of Libya are located. They have a role to play in urging all parties to reach a solution that saves Libya and serves all parties.

On Egypt’s efforts to settle accounts with Qatar and Turkey in Libya, Dr. Khaled Al-Attiyah said: We have not heard of this proposal and Qatar has no one to settle its accounts with it .. We are brothers of the Libyan brothers and are open to all Libyan parties and we deal with the internationally recognized government and we urge all parties to inject blood And reaching a political solution, stressing that the stability of Libya is important to everyone.

** Eastern Mediterranean
On the impact of the Libyan conflict on what is happening in the eastern Mediterranean, Dr. said. Al-Attiyah: Libya has a great impact on the region, and its stability is important to everyone, and if a Libyan solution is not found that leads to stability, problems will increase, including illegal immigration, which affects all neighboring countries in the Mediterranean basin, and Western countries.

His Excellency affirmed: “The stability of Libya is stability for the region and beyond the region.”

On the support of some regional countries for the illegitimate party in Libya, His Excellency said: “Everyone has become responsible for finding a solution, and each party has a party that supports it outside the legitimacy or the Skhirat Agreement, which must have a role in bringing it back to the negotiating table.”

Dr drew. Al-Attiyah pointed out that Qatar and Turkey deal with the reconciliation government on the basis of legitimate international bilateral relations, and the support of the Libyan state is a legitimate matter because it came at the request of the legitimate government, unlike other countries that deal with outlaws, and these are the ones who cause crises.

He continued: In the end, the reconciliation government is recognized by the United Nations and most of the countries of the world, and it is the product of a political agreement that the whole world has seen. ”
On the initiatives launched by some about Libya, His Excellency said: The Government of National Accord is in a strong position and extended its hand to the rest of the parties to inject blood and reach a political solution. And everyone is supposed to work in this direction. “

On the support of some regional countries for Haftar with weapons and mercenaries, His Excellency indicated the necessity of stopping importing mercenaries and the international community should impose greater control on arming the parties outside the legitimacy.

He added: The international community needs to make a greater effort to reach the desired results, and we hope that there will be an international movement to save Libya through political solutions.

His Excellency the Minister of State for Defense Affairs concluded his speech by stressing that the desire of the Libyan people is the last word to stop illegal interference, as they want to reach safety and inject the blood of their children.