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Dr. Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad Al Thani, Director of the Public Health Department at the Ministry of Health, said that the establishment of the Qatari Patient Safety Week in light of Covid-19 aims to focus on the importance of the safety of hospital workers so that they do not transmit the disease to patients who need care, especially the elderly.
He added in an interview with Qatar TV that on the occasion of the Qatari Patient Safety Week, all hospitals in the State of Qatar will be lit in orange in appreciation of the efforts of health workers in providing health care services to patients, pointing out that many activities will be held in this regard, and he said that we will raise awareness and we have adopted the orange color. Which will be lit in all health sectors in Qatar and has a direct relationship with patient safety and also awareness sessions will be held and the conference will be held with the participation of 22 people from multiple countries, stressing that there is no reason to stop the wheel of progress as we are moving forward even at this stage and the conference will offer training courses and we hope That a large number of interested people attend it through virtual platforms and contribute to spreading awareness of safety methods and how the doctor can protect himself and patients in the health sector.
Dr. added.Al-Thani said that after seven months of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and the cooperation of all parties and members of the people, the situation has now stabilized, but more follow-up is needed so that cases do not increase in the coming periods, as the World Health Organization has warned many countries where the autumn season starts early Consequently, the atmosphere tends to be cold due to the aggravation of the situation in it, but we in the State of Qatar used to, if we had a crisis, to cooperate and absorb it quickly, and we did not forget to organize our annual affairs in the usual way, such as the Patient Safety Day that will be held on September 17, as we are always keen to take care of the safety of patients. According to Abu Karat’s medical department, which stipulates not to harm patients, he added that patient safety is one of our priorities, and since 2014 we have been holding the World Patient Safety Conference, which is considered one of the largest conferences in the Middle East and it is difficult for us to stop this event, which will be held this year, and it is an opportunity because patient safety is from The safety of health workers and there in the countries of the world we see thatMany infection problems occur from within the hospitals, but the State of Qatar has greatly developed its health system, so that when entering the hospital, the patient was guaranteed not to transmit the infection to it, and this year there was a great challenge for the white army because they were heavily injured, but no deaths occurred because there was wisdom. In dealing with them, we were asking all health and non-health workers to rest if they felt tired or to take temporary leave, and if one of them was suspected of being infected, he had to sit at home and if he was injured he should take the necessary rest and this helped them to recover greatly and we were keen to protect the elderly Age workers in the health sector, as most of them worked remotely from home with double protection in order to ensure continuity in work, and these measures all contributed to protecting the health sector and if the doctors were fine, they also contributed to protecting patients.