The Orphan Care Centre (Dreama) has received a delegation from OKU-DER, a Turkish non-governmental and non-profit organisation.
The delegation included Hassan Chilik, general manager of OKU-DER; Fidodoglu, director of the organisation’s public relations department; and Abdullah Chaweesh from the social welfare department.
They listened to an introductory presentation by Mohamed al-Khanji, director of the social services department at Dreama; Munira al-Baloushi, director of the communication and media office, and Fatima al-Hammadi, head of the internal care department.
The presentation introduced Dreama’s vision as “a pioneering centre in providing care for orphans and integrating them into the society”. Its strategic objectives include providing a safe and stable environment for the targeted groups and reducing the number of homeless cases to the lowest possible levels, in addition to building and developing institutional capabilities and community awareness, Dreama has said in a statement.
Dreama executive director Mariam bint Ali bin Nasser al-Misnad lauded the delegation’s visit and their wish to identify Dreama’s plans in the field of caring for orphans. Dreama seeks integrating them into the society, providing children with care methods and services and ensuring their stability in alternative fostering families.
She also praised the Turkish organisation’s role in the field of rescue and education and for providing services for orphans in Turkey. A team from the Dreama communication and media office accompanied the visiting delegation on a tour of the Dreama facilities, covering the medical clinic, the activities and academic support villa and a model for the accommodation villa, the kitchen and the tent.
Members of the delegation then expressed their appreciation for the efforts of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser and her charitable and distinguished works in the service of humanity.
They lauded the efforts of Dreama in providing shelter and care for orphans, and the excellent services it provides to meet their material, health, psychological, educational and religious needs. They also valued working to enhance the professional and life capacities of orphaned children according to international standards, in preparation for their integration into society and empowerment in all fields.
The delegation thanked the management of Dreama for the warm welcome accorded to them.