A Doha Criminal Court has convicted five expatriate men for engaging in illicit drugs smuggling and sentenced their leader to death by hanging.

Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that four defendants were convicted of smuggling 120kg of hashish and opium in collusion with other unidentified Asians, who had hidden the drugs in three barrels in the Gulf waters.
The first defendant, who was sentenced to death and a fine of QR500,000, was spotted by the authorities concerned while diving in the water of the Gulf trying to retrieve the barrels.
The second defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment and subsequent deportation in addition to a fine of QR500,000 for his part in the crime.
The same sentence was awarded to the third defendant, while the fourth was sentenced to seven years in prison and a fine of QR200,000.
The fifth defendant was sentenced to one year in jail and a fine of QR10,000 for illicit drug consumption.
He was acquitted by the court from taking part in the smuggling process.
The case started when the Drug Prevention Department of the Ministry of Interior received information about the operation and kept everything under control until the defendants were arrested while trying to get the drugs from the sea.