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Lt. Col. Jaber Adiba, Assistant Director of the Traffic Awareness Department at the General Traffic Department, said that the recent openings and others by the Public Works Authority “Ashghal” undoubtedly contribute to the regulation of traffic in addition to the new roads and bridges that facilitate and provide practical solutions to traffic congestion and congestion.

In a statement to the East, he said that the new openings came at an appropriate time with preparations for school return in its new season 2020-2021, indicating that many schools asked the Traffic Department to intervene to facilitate movement in their surroundings, explaining: “We in the Traffic Department coordinate between Ashghal and schools to provide solutions. The process that helps secure a safe school return for students. “


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He pointed out that the General Traffic Department annually intensifies its awareness-raising campaigns to spread traffic culture in student circles, with the aim of strengthening the foundations of traffic safety among these groups to spare them wrong traffic behaviors in order to preserve their safety.

The reports expected that Qatar will record a higher growth in the number of students enrolled by 2022, as the number of students in Qatar is likely to reach about 392 thousand students by 2022, with a growth rate on an annual basis of 3.9%, and it is also expected that the whole sector will grow moderately. The fastest growth during the expected period with a compound annual growth rate of 5.1% and that the private sector will continue to acquire the largest percentage of the number of students enrolled in schools, reaching about 232,000 students by 2022, with an annual growth rate of 4.5%, while the rate of enrollment in government schools is expected to increase by 1.7% to reach To 122.2 thousand students by 2022.


On his part, Eng. Yousef Al-Emadi, Director of Projects Affairs in Ashghal, noted the rapid response shown by the Traffic Department with “Ashghal” by facilitating traffic and giving approvals and traffic transfers in record time, indicating that the pace of work in the Public Works Authority is a fast pace to implement all projects In its time and before its times, whether it is related to developing the infrastructure within residential areas or projects that serve the activities of the World Cup.

In the past few days, the Public Works Authority “Ashghal” inaugurated the Duhail Al-Gharafa Bridge and parts of the traffic light within the project to develop Duhail Interchange on Al-Shamal Road, six months ahead of the deadline, coinciding with the start of the 2020-2021 academic year.

The General Traffic Department is preparing to receive the new academic year by taking all preventive measures, ensuring that all security and safety requirements are met, and the various educational buildings are in place, maintaining the security and safety of students, and ensuring that all road users reach their destinations.

The General Traffic Department is working to break down traffic jams, by developing integrated plans to intensify patrols near schools and to break congestion and congestion near school buildings.