Elan Signage joins ‘Made in Qatar’
Dignitaries from Elan Signage during the ‘Made in Qatar’ 2016 expo in Riyadh.

Elan Signage has announced its participation in the ‘Made in Qatar’ 2016 expo, which concludes tomorrow (November 9) at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition in Saudi Arabia.
During the four-day event, Elan Signage announced its plan to commission a new signage factory at the Industrial area in Qatar by the first quarter of 2017. It also showcased a portfolio of “exceptional quality” road, traffic, and wayfinding signs that the company designs and manufactures in accordance with the latest local and international standards.
Ibrahim al-Malki, chief operating officer Enterprise, Elan Group, said: “The ‘Made in Qatar’ event provides Elan Signage with a unique platform to showcase our range of products and designs made in Qatar.
“Our vision is to make the roads safer and more comfortable for travellers throughout their journey. VIS Mobility has been delivering top quality signs in Europe during the past 50 years. It was natural for us to partner with them to operate Elan Signage factory in order to produce high quality products that are clear, durable, and at a competitive price.”
Elan Signage will be operated by a Joint Venture between Elan Group, a fully-integrated media, entertainment, and infrastructure group with in-depth knowledge of the local market, and VIS Mobility, the leading Italian company in the design and manufacturing of road and rail signs, and mobility infrastructure with over 50 years of expertise working with international clients.