Nepalese ambassador Dr Narad Nath Bharadwaj
Nepalese ambassador Dr. Narad Nath Bharadwaj

By Usha Wagle Gautam/Doha

The Nepalese embassy in Doha has alerted all Nepalese working and staying in Qatar to strictly follow self-isolation or self-quarantine.
In a statement yesterday, the embassy has asked members of the Nepalese community to remain in their rooms or houses, be in contact with their families, spend time listening to music or doing exercises or anything else they enjoy.
The mission has also requested them not to go outside except to buy food and medicine. “If needed, don’t go to or make (a) crowd, and go with your roommate or family member,” the embassy said in the statement.
Further, the embassy has also asked the community members not to buy things unnecessarily or hoard food materials.
The embassy has reiterated that the Qatari government and its health institutions look after patients (who are suspected to have Covid-19). Hence, the embassy says, “everyone having symptoms similar to those of the coronavirus need to contact health institutions or the embassy itself.” The details of the patients are kept a secret, it adds.
The embassy has also made it clear to Nepalese workers that they will be supplied with basic needs during the period of isolation and quarantine. They will also get salaries for the period they are in isolation or quarantine.
Nepal has restricted air travelers from Qatar or who transit through Qatar from entering Nepal from March 20 to April 12 and has also restricted all international flights from landing from March 22 to 31 at Tribhuvan International Airport, Nepal’s only international airport in Kathmandu.
The embassy has asked Nepalese community members who have tickets on the days when flights are canceled to contact the airlines to reschedule their flights after the removal of restrictions. It has also asked Nepalis whose visa dates and Qatar IDs have expired to contact the companies to renew the visas or IDs.
With regard to Nepalese tourists, one can review their visas from the Immigration Office through relatives or sponsors.
Qatar has restricted the entry of Nepalis from March 9, the statement adds. During this restriction period, if any Nepalese worker is stranded in Nepal and if his or her ID is expired, the Qatari government and organizations are looking for a solution for them. The embassy has asked all workers who are currently in Nepal not to be tensed about coming to Qatar but remain calm and safe in their homes.
The Nepalese embassy in Doha is open for emergency services but the consular services are closed. Any person who is facing an emergency problem has been asked to make a call to the embassy first and then visit.
The embassy has asked workers not to go to their workstations without the employers’ request and notice.
Any Nepali in quarantine in Qatar who wants to contact the embassy is requested to do so by calling 2345132 and 2345133. Others can call the hotline at 16000.