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Journalist Tamer Al-Mashal announced on his Twitter account the new investigation topic within the program “What is hidden is greater”, and published a promotional video broadcast by Al-Jazeera channel on its screen, and on its social media platforms, and commented, “Soon a new investigation will reveal new secrets and mysteries.”

According to the promotional video, the new investigation, which will be broadcast soon on the Al Jazeera screen, will address the secrets of the Emirati-Israeli normalization, and the so-called Shame Agreement between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, through exclusive testimonies and documents presented for the first time.

The last episode was part of “what is hidden is the greatest” which revealed with documents and evidence the secrets of the escape of the famous Indian investor BR Shetty from the UAE last February. The program has interviewed figures directly related to the case and the ongoing investigations.

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The investigation titled “Shetty and Partners” came in light of the continuing repercussions of the Shetty escape scandal, which left more than $ 7 billion in losses, and the collapse of a vast investment system that Chetty had been managing for decades, especially NMC Health Group, the largest health care provider. Own in the Emirates.