The abolition of the Kafala system is being welcomed by one and all, from the members of expat community to the ambassadors of many South Asian countries.

Expats and the ambassadors of these countries are hoping that with the abolition of the Kafala system it would become easier for expats in Qatar to change their jobs as well as exit the country when needed.

“The abolition of the Kafala system depicts the commitment of Qatari authorities towards the welfare of expat workers and providing them their due rights, the implementation of the new law will benefit the large expat worker community to a great extent, the purging of the two-year ban will particularly bring relief to a large number of workers”, said Sri Lankan Ambassador HE Dr. (Prof.) W M Karunadasa.

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“It is my belief that the implementation of the new law will bring about the welfare of the expat community in Qatar and it would be beneficial for both the employer and the employee”, Bangladesh Ambassador HE Ashud Ahmed said.

“The abolition of the Kafala system is a welcome move and the new law is a very good initiative. I express my gratitude to the Qatari Govt. for implementing this law which protects the rights of the workers. The most important feature of the new law is that workers will be able to switch their employers without any hassles”, Kenyan Ambassador HE Galma Mukhe Boru said.

K M Varghese, the President of the Indian Business Professionals Network (IBPN), the highest body of the Indian Business Community in Qatar said, “The new law will make the job market more competitive and it will be beneficial for both employees as well as the employers”.

Similarly, Ressie Fos, the Chairman of United Filipino Organizations in Qatar and National Human Rights Commission Coordinator stated, “In my opinion the new labour law is ideal as it respects the rights of both the employers and employees.”

“The new law takes the rights of both the employer as well as the employee into account. The new law would make the employees to perform their duties more responsibly”, the President of the Qatar Nepal Friendship Organisation, Prof. Ramzan Ali Miya said.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA), in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Transport has installed kiosks at many labour camps with a motive to educate the workers about their rights as specified by the new labour law.

The kiosks come with pre-recorded video clips in as many as ten languages that explain to the workers how the new law protects their rights in Qatar. Workers can also learn about complaint filing from the kiosks. As many as 11 automated machines have been installed in the public services complexes across the country, which can be used by the workers to submit work related complaints without any hassles.