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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan affirmed that his country does not accept Israel’s policy towards Palestine, indicating that this dispute prevents relations from moving for the better.

In a press statement today, Erdogan added, “Our relations with Israel at the intelligence level continue and have not stopped and we face some difficulties with the figures at the top of the pyramid,” noting that if there were no differences with the top of the pyramid in Israel, relations with it would have been different from what It now.

President Erdogan stressed that Israel’s policy towards Palestine in particular is ruling in relations between Ankara and Tel Aviv, stressing that Turkey cannot accept Israel’s policies towards the Palestinian brothers, and its brutal practices against them.

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He continued, “We cannot accept Israel’s policy towards Palestine, and this is the point of our disagreement with it, which is based on our concept of justice and the territorial integrity of states. Otherwise, we hope to move our relations with them to a better level.”

On the other hand, Erdogan expressed his country’s aspiration to continue strong relations with Russia in the coming period