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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he will announce next Friday good news to the Turkish people, stressing that it will open a new era in the country.

He added in a speech to him Wednesday, during his participation in the opening of a factory for solar energy technologies in the capital, Ankara, according to TRT Arabic: “We are living the dream now, Turkey will enter a new phase after the good news that we will announce to our people next Friday.”

He continued: “We will miss the state of eagerness to know it if we uncover it immediately, so I think it is useful not to reveal it.”

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For his part, Turkish Minister of Treasury and Finance, Barat Albayrak, said about President Erdogan’s announcement, in a tweet, according to Anadolu Agency: “It is considered a pivotal change for Turkey, and it will be a very important stage, and much more beautiful days await us.”

Erdogan stressed during his speech that no colonial power could deprive his country of oil and natural gas resources in the eastern Mediterranean.

Erdogan added, “Just as we tore up the Sevres Agreement a century ago, we will not yield to a similar agreement that they seek to impose on us in the eastern Mediterranean.”

He stressed that Turkey’s struggle on several fronts, from the eastern Mediterranean to Libya, is not only a struggle for rights, but also for the future.

He explained, “Although we faced problems originating from abroad, the Turkish economy began to regain its pre-Corona momentum.”