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Qatar and Turkey adopt open positions and side with people and their legitimate rights

The situation in Syria, Libya, and Palestine is the regional file that the two sides will discuss

The visit of His Excellency President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Doha today constitutes an important stage in the march of the Qatari-Turkish relations as well as the continuous coordination and consultation between the two countries on regional and international issues.

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The visit adds to the march of bilateral relations between the State of Qatar and the Turkish Republic, which His Excellency Ambassador Salem Mubarak Al Shafi, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to Turkey indicated that it has always been good, and there were many stations that paved for reaching this distinguished level, explaining that it started in 2014 when it was founded The supreme strategic committee in the two countries at the level of leaders, passing through the failed attempted coup in Turkey in 2016, and the early standing of the State of Qatar, along with legitimacy and support, and reaching the unjust siege of Qatar in 2017.

And he considered that the Turkish position on June 5, 2017, was a result of the foregoing, as Turkey distanced itself from the malicious blocs and chose to triumph over its principles and stand by the right and the oppressed, which is a brave choice that is consistent with its positions and policies. His Excellency expressed the appreciation of the State of Qatar for this position.

Ambassador Al Shafi said in previous statements that the crises witnessed by the two countries, and the standing of each of them on the side of the other led to the strengthening of the strength and strength of relations, and this was reflected on the peoples of the two countries, so the rapprochement was at the level of leaders and peoples, and Turkey did not change its position in standing with the State of Qatar against The unjust blockade, despite the passage of three years, and despite the pressures, it was exposed to in order to do so.

His Excellency said that Qatar, for its part, did not hesitate to support and support Turkey during all the crises it went through, whether during the failed coup attempt or through economic support during the Turkish lira crisis in 2018, or by raising the ceiling of the currency exchange agreement recently.

His Excellency Ambassador Al Shafi emphasized that the combined factors, in addition to the great harmony in policies, have led to the arrival of bilateral relations to an advanced stage of distinction and brilliance. International, as there are many interests and mutual investments between the two parties, and Turkey is one of the first and preferred tourist destinations for Qatari citizens.

The visit comes amid optimism about the return of life and activities in both countries, as flights resumed between Doha and Istanbul in light of the gradual recovery from the global epidemic of Corona, which affected the two countries and succeeded in controlling the epidemic thanks to their health systems and their effective precautionary measures that were behind the low level of deaths due to the virus compared to Their regional surroundings.

Regional files and declared positions

The situation in Syria, Libya and Palestine is at the forefront of the regional files that the Qatari and Turkish sides will discuss in light of the developments taking place in the region. The two sides view Qatar and Turkey from one window and adopt declared positions regarding support for legitimacy and the rights of legitimate peoples, whether in Libya, Syria or occupied Palestine. In Syria, the State of Qatar affirmed its keenness to support the Syrian people. The two countries, Qatar and Turkey, participated in the Fourth Brussels Conference for Donors to Syria, and the State of Qatar pledged 100 million dollars in humanitarian aid to the Syrians, stressing that the total country assistance it provided so far amounted to two billion dollars.

Meanwhile, Turkish Foreign Minister Caooshoglu stressed that Ankara continues to support all international initiatives and efforts aimed at finding a lasting political solution to the Syrian crisis and that the suffering of the Syrians has multiplied with the spread of the Coronavirus, indicating that irregular migration will increase with the increase of the suffering of the Syrians. He pointed out that the countries neighboring Syria bear the largest part of the burden of refugees, indicating that his country is working to meet all the needs of the Syrians residing on its lands.

On the Libyan issue, the two countries agree to support the legitimate government recognized by the United Nations in the face of the revolutionary general Khalifa Hifter, who is supported by the forces of counter-revolution in an attempt to return Libya to square one. It contains western Libya and continues its efforts to regain control of the entire Libyan soil.

On the Palestinian issue, Qatar and Turkey unanimously rejected Israeli attempts to annex lands from the occupied West Bank to its expansionist powers.

In this context, the State of Qatar confirmed its rejection of any Israeli attempt to annex lands in the occupied West Bank, and that it will continue to support the Palestinian people. “We reject any attempt to annex the occupied Palestinian territories,” said Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, referring to Israeli plans to annex about 30% of the area of ​​the West Bank.

The State of Qatar warned before the Human Rights Council that such an illegal and illegal step that violates the relevant international laws and agreements will lead to further human rights violations against the Palestinian people, as well as undermine the two-state solution and finish off the peace process, and its security, economic and social consequences will be catastrophic for the entire region.

His Excellency Ambassador Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri, Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Office in Geneva, called on the international community to stand firmly against these flagrant Israeli violations and its continuing challenge to international legitimacy, and to take all necessary measures to prevent these violations and respond to them effectively and quickly if they happen. .

The Turkish position is identical to the Qatari position regarding what threatens the Palestinians due to the Israeli occupation and its expansionist policies.

As Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşo أوlu warned, that the Israeli occupation’s implementation of a scheme to annex lands from the West Bank would increase the number of refugees and deepen the crisis. Stressing that Turkey provides all kinds of assistance needed by the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed its rejection of the Israeli efforts to annex lands from the West Bank, describing the matter as a “dangerous step that would undermine international law.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry considered that the project to annex lands from the West Bank contained in an agreement to form an emergency unity government in Israel, an indication of “the dangerous mentality aimed at seizing the Palestinian lands.” And that this dangerous step that would undermine international law and affect the common conscience of humankind will not be accepted and supported by any member of the international community who has a sense of justice and responsibility. Turkey called on the international community to embrace the vision of a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders and the established parameters, by standing in the face of unilateral illegal Israeli initiatives. Unless the occupation and annexation policies ended.

Investments file

President Erdogan’s visit to Doha will be an important opportunity to boost the investment process between the two countries as the volume of trade and investment exchange between the two parties witnessed a qualitative leap during the past few years, characterized by the entry of a group of Turkish companies to the Qatari market, with the emergence of many country projects in Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

The volume of direct and indirect Qatari investments in Turkey in the first half of 2019 amounted to $ 22 billion, which makes Qatar one of the most investment countries in Turkey, and Hasad developed its investment strategy and acquired shares in major international food companies such as “” Sun Rise Foods International is the largest organic grains and oilseeds company in the world and is owned by Turkish Teriyaki Agro Company.

The Qatari private sector is considered an attractive investment destination in Turkey. In this context, Dr. Muhammed Gohar Al-Muhammad, member of the Qatar Chamber’s Board of Directors, stated that the recent years witnessed an accelerated development of cooperation relations between the business sectors in both Qatar and Turkey, which was reflected in the volume of trade exchange between the two countries, confirming the desire Qatari businessmen in strengthening cooperation relations and building partnerships and commercial alliances with their Turkish counterparts through the establishment of bilateral projects in Turkey and Qatar.

The hospitality sector in Turkey is among the most attractive to Qatari capital. In addition to the fact that the Qatari businessmen are among the most foreign investors present on the Turkish Stock Exchange, according to the Turkish website “ahval news”. The gradual opening of the tourism sector will return its positive effects on increasing the volume of Qatari tourists in Turkey, which is a favorite and safe destination for Qatari families during the summer vacation, especially with many Qataris owning projects and real estate in Istanbul and the rest of the Turkish cities.