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The Spanish newspaper “Estrella Digital” published a report in which it talked about the great growth achieved by the growth of the hospitality sector in Qatar during the recent period, through the successful launch of many new and luxurious hotels, which took only a few years to establish, located in many strategic areas. In Doha or other areas, he mentioned the Staybridge Hotel in the modern city of Lusail, in addition to the Mondrian Hotel in the capital Doha, as well as the Santara Hotel in West Bay, revealing that the hospitality sector in Qatar was not supported by hotels and only during the last stage, but rather to international resorts. High quality, in the forefront of which is the recently inaugurated Salwa Beach Resort, without forgetting the Zulal Health Resort, which was launched by Msheireb Properties.

The report expects that the hospitality sector in Qatar will be strengthened with a number of new hotels and resorts during the next stage, given the projects currently being constructed by many Qatari and foreign investors wishing to benefit from the distinction of this sector in Qatar compared to other countries in the East region. For Wasat, stressing that harnessing all these capabilities to enhance and strengthen the hospitality sector will undoubtedly lead to the advancement of tourism in Qatar, given the tourist sites in which the new hotels and resorts are located, making them able to compete with the rest of the tourist countries, with the aim of attracting the largest possible number Of tourists in the coming years, after last year Doha received about 2 million visitors, from different nationalities of the world.

The report indicated that the presence of these prominent tourism facilities, in addition to the facilities provided by the Qatari government to visitors by allowing many citizens of different nationalities to enter Doha without a visa, will ultimately contribute to the tourism sector in the country reaching the goal set for it within Qatar’s special future vision. By 2030, which aims to diversify sources of economic income and reduce dependence on the export of liquefied natural gas, in which Qatar is one of the leading countries, indicating Qatar’s readiness to host the 2022 World Cup, in its twenty-second edition in the hospitality sector, where the construction of a group was completed. Of hotels and resorts, not to mention the great efforts made by the authorities in organizing this sporting event, in order to ensure the largest number of luxurious rooms for use in organizing the World Cup.

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The report clarified what was stated by referring to the arrival of the authorities responsible for preparing Qatar to receive the football wedding to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Administration of Housing and Government Buildings at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs to provide accommodation for visiting fans in the 2022 World Cup, where a total of 150 were approved. A fully furnished residential unit that provides more than 15,000 rooms, during the first phase through the first phase of the selection processes that will continue until the sufficient number of rooms are obtained that are capable of accommodating the expected number of visitors.