Extra-marital $ex and adultery are illegal under Qatari law. Muslim or Non-Muslim involving themselves in illegal or immoral acts will have to face serious repercussions in Qatar.

According to Article 296 of Qatar law whoever grooms female or Instigates, induces, seduces a female in any way to commit adultery shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of no less than one year and no more than three years.

Same law applies to those who also encourage male or female to commit illegal and immoral actions.

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The Penal Code No. 11 of 2004 deals with the crime of adultery, that anyone who indulges in sex with a female against her will shall be punished by death or life imprisonment, whether under duress or threat or deception, the penalty is death if the offender is one of the victim’s origins or one who took care of her and her education or one who has authority over her or a servant of her or of the mentioned persons.