Money exchange houses in Doha are advising clients to be extra cautious  while travelling so as to prevent any incidents of pick-pocketing, given the fact that the crime is on a rise.

The incidents of pick-packeting increases especially during weekends, when a large number of people head to exchange houses to remit money or conduct other transactions, as reported by Gulf Times.

According to reports, a number of people have fallen prey to pickpockets in and around areas where money exchange houses are located.

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The Al Ghanim area is one of those areas where most cases of the crime have been reported, the second being the Najma-Mansoura-Bin Dirham belt.

The Gulf Times reported an employee of an exchange house who stated that the company he works for repeatedly asks customers to be more cautious while visiting them for different transactions, although the complaints of people’s wallets being stolen in the vicinity.

It may be mentioned that there already have been cases of  ‘spit and rob’ reported recently. In fact, an airline employee lost more than QR1,500 while entering an exchange to remit money.