The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has decided to reopen money exchange service offices with the mandatory application of precautionary measures, starting Tuesday. Procedures include requiring visitors to wear masks, following social distancing guidelines, measuring temperature, and allowing only a certain number of customers in at the same time, in addition to applying other preventive measures specified by the Ministry of Public Health.
Working hours are limited to six a day for employees at money exchanges with a provision for paid overtime of two hours. The total working hours should not exceed eight hours.  Money exchange service offices are also required to take the necessary measures to prevent crowding, including providing instructions, guidelines, and security personnel to assist customers and make sure social distancing guidelines are followed.
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry calls upon money exchange service offices and the public to adhere to the instructions and preventive measures for their safety and those around them.

Last updated: May 12 2020 02:27 AM