Expats express ire on social media over rent hikes in Doha

A growing number of expatriates have resorted to Facebook and Twitter ‘to voice their concerns and anger about the unjustifiable hike’ in real estate rental rates in Doha recently.

Local Arabic daily Al Sharq reported that aggrieved individuals have formed groups on Facebook urging the departments concerned to curb the constantly increasing rents for what they described as “inhumane residential units, with narrow spaces, lacking even the basics of safety and security necessary for the inhabitants.”

The campaign has the motto: “Stay positive and participate in Reduce Rents in Qatar Campaign; a distress call for the Civil Defence against the unsafe partitioned housing. You have the right to a decent and humane accommodation; safe and secure against hazards and risk.”

Those behind the campaign have urged residents of different nationalities to express their experiences with such accommodations, brokers and landowners. Some posts narrate many bad experiences with the accommodation itself and the manipulation of the ‘self-employed’ brokers.

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Source News: Gulf Times