In order to get a driving license in Qatar, expats from countries such as the UK, Australia and other European countries must take all the necessary tests that are mandated by law, putting them somewhat at par with expats from other countries. Previously, citizens from these countries only had to present the license from their home countries and clear an eye test to get a license in Qatar.

The new requirements are applicable to all new applicants, only people looking to renew their licenses are exempt. However, the new applicants are not required to take the driving courses, they can take the theory and the practical tests straightaway, a spokesperson for the British embassy said.

“We are currently in constant touch with the local authorities to find out the reasons based on which the changes were made. As far as we are aware the new requirements are applicable to all nationalities that were previously allowed to get a Qatari licence without a test”, the spokesperson added.

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All British nationals currently in Qatar have reportedly been updated about the new development, that is UK license holders will now have to pass a practical driving test in Qatar to get a license, by the British embassy. British citizens in possession of full UK driving license and a valid international driving license may be allowed to drive up to 6 months in Qatar without a Qatari license.

Citizens from other European countries and Australia too are required to take the practical driving test to get a Qatari driving license.

People who have no experience of driving usually find it very difficult to obtain a Qatari driving license and the passing rates are very low.

People usually take several months to get on schedule for theory lessons and then it takes another couple months for road practice and many times people have to appear in the driving test a couple of times before they actually pass the test