A circulating image of explosions in one of the artillery camps of the Jordanian army in Zarqa

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The Jordanian security announced that explosions occurred in an army camp in the northeast of the capital Amman, indicating to me that the explosion took place in the artillery camps of the army in Zarqa Governorate, and announced the opening of an investigation into the circumstances of the explosion, which occurred early at dawn today, Friday.

Jordanian Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Odeh Al-Adaileh said that an explosion occurred tonight in a warehouse containing unsuitable “mortar bombs” belonging to the armed forces east of the city of Zarqa, adding in statements reported by the Jordan News Agency that preliminary investigations indicate that the explosion was caused by an electrical contact in the warehouses. Which is located in an isolated and uninhabited area and is subject to direct surveillance by cameras, continuing: “According to the General Command, until this moment no injuries were recorded as a result of the explosion.”

 Eyewitnesses in Zarqa Governorate reported that they heard the sound of an explosion, followed by a fire that could be seen from a distance.

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Commentators on social media have shared photos and videos of the incident, the details of which have not yet been revealed.