F Ring Road–Mesaimeer Road bridge finally opens and is a boon for motorists

The opening of the new bridge extending from the F-Ring Road to Mesaimeer Road on Monday is a boon for motorists, facilitating free flow of traffic from Hamad International Airport (HIA) and Al Wakra towards Doha and back.

“The bridge with the road connected to it will allow smooth movement of vehicles directly from Al Waab, Salwa Road, Bu Hamour and Al Maamoura to Al Thumama, HIA and the Corniche,” the Public Works Authority (Ashghal), said.

The bridge along with the F-Ring Road will provide a 14 km ‘free-flow highway’ without any traffic signals, which will enhance traffic movement and provides easy access to and from vital areas such as HIA, Salwa Road, Bu Hamour, Al Maamoura and Al Thumama.

Two temporary extra lanes will be available to enable vehicles to take a U-turn onto the F-Ring Road under the bridge to reach Barwa Village, the Religious Complex, Al Wakra and the Industrial Area through using the new service road which is approximately 1km long.

This is in addition to providing two lanes to make a U-turn under the bridge in front of Al Jazeera Academy, enabling access to this area through the service road.
The closed exits of Rawdat Al Khalfat, Rawdat Al Dabdaba, Al Kharija Street and Al Rabyat Street will be opened. The bridge with the F-Ring Road extension will make accessing a number of important destinations and schools much easier and faster.

The new bridge is a vital part of Rawdat Al Khail Road project, which aims to enhance traffic flow and ease traffic jam in the area. It will also connect the Industrial Area with Doha city centre and make it easier to reach Barwa Village and the commercial area. It also connects the F-Ring Road with the Whole Sale Market and Mesaimeer Street.

The Rawdat Al Khail Road project includes building an 8 km long dual carriageway road with three lanes in each direction, in addition to building six multi-level interchanges, namely: the East Industrial Interchange, Karwa Interchange, Barwa Interchange, Barwa Village access Interchange, Woqod Interchange, and Al Jazeera Interchange on the F-Ring Road.