The food industry is expanding locally

A number of local factory owners emphasized the importance of the initiative to launch the Qatari Quality Mark to enhance the competitiveness of the national product globally, and they said that this step will play a major role in promoting the national product and bringing it to all the goals set for it, within the framework of Qatar 2030 vision aimed at expanding the presence of national goods in various The market, which is the goal in which the national quality mark will contribute significantly to the process of achieving it, explaining this by referring to the many benefits that this project will have on the Qatari industry during the next stage, based on the increase in the volume of competition between local companies to raise the quality of their products and win the right to own This mark, which will have the biggest say in promoting products, and it will be the first symbol of guarantee for consumers, who realize that any local factories obtain such a mark will not be out of nowhere, but rather will constitute recognition by the responsible authorities of the quality of these products, expecting Diligence of local companies inAll conditions apply in order to obtain a quality mark.

future plans

Others emphasized the importance of the Qatari quality mark for national factories, and with regard to enabling them to achieve their future plans, for which exporting local products abroad is one of its most important pillars, as this initiative will facilitate this process as it will show consumers in foreign markets the government’s keenness on the quality of products that Qatari companies offer it, calling on the responsible authorities in the state to support this project by taking the approval of the Qatari Quality Mark from various global alliances, in the form of what Turkey and Germany have done, which will increase the credibility of our goods and facilitate the process of entering the markets of major countries in various continents of the world .

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Increase the quality

Speaking to Al Sharq, businessman Mr. Fahd Ali Ahmed Buhandi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Automatic Rice Bakeries Factory, mentioned the launch of the Qatari Quality Mark, saying that this initiative was required for nearly two years, especially after the success of many local factories in developing themselves and advancing their production capabilities in terms of The quantity and quality, which is now able to cover a significant part of the needs of the domestic market, stressing that this project will play a major role in achieving Qatar’s future vision for the year 2030, which is based mainly on doubling the volume of national production and reducing import rates, explaining that by declaring that the approval of a mark Qatari quality will push local factories to increase the level of competition and increase the quality of their products in order to obtain this appreciation provided by a neutral party, the government, which is concerned only with achieving a qualitative leap for national industries, without compromising the efficiencies of the products provided to the customer.

Buhendi added that despite the distinguished level that the national factories have reached in their specializations, but nevertheless they will strive during the coming period in order to obtain the right to benefit from this mark, with the blessing of the authorities responsible for specifications affiliated with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, through diligence. On the implementation of all the specifications approved by the Ministry, a great turnout is expected by the national factories during the coming weeks to obtain this accreditation, if it is correct, after the Qatari Company for the Production of Reinforced Iron succeeded in being the first facility that met the criteria for obtaining the Qatari Quality Mark.

Consumer confidence

For his part, businessman Mr. Muhammad Al-Hajri, CEO, owner and founder of Al-Wajba Dairy and Juice Factory, noted the step of launching the Qatari Quality Mark, which will contribute a great deal to the development of local production in various sectors, through its work to raise the intensity of competition between national factories, in order to Increasing the quality of the products it offers in order to obtain this government accreditation, which will greatly facilitate the process of marketing the products of these establishments in the internal market, by increasing the confidence of consumers in them, stressing that this brand will be the first requirement of the customers of the local market during the next stage, candidate to double the size Their demand for factory goods that obtained the quality mark, and their retreat from consuming products of other factories that had not yet obtained this mark.

Al-Hajri explained his words by saying that the Qatari Quality Mark will be the first element of guarantee for consumers in Qatar, who are seriously aware that obtaining this mark for any of the national factories will not come from nowhere, but rather it will be a result of the government’s confidence in this product, indicating the neutrality of the responsible authorities On presenting this mark to the establishments, which are concerned only with the quality of the product, stating that the factory obtaining the confidence of the authorities responsible for the specifications of the Ministry of Trade and Industry means that it directly obtains the confidence of consumers in the state, and then customers in foreign markets, given that obtaining This mark will facilitate the process of national factories reaching foreign markets, through export, which is one of the most important goals for Qatari factories during the next stage, which has proven its presence in the local market through its products that have been able to compete with their counterparts coming from different countries of the world. Currently this competition has to be transferred to the marketFar from Doha, especially as it has all the capabilities for that, from the quality of goods, through the ability to double production, and the country’s availability of the infrastructure that allows the practice of exporting from airports and ports.

Ease of export

In his turn, businessman Mr. Masoun Al-Asfar, chief executive officer of “FINE MATTRESSES”, confirmedConcerning the production of mattresses, the importance of the Qatari quality mark for factories wishing to move to a new stage of their work, which is to focus their efforts on exporting their products and bringing them to various countries of the world, saying that adopting the quality mark locally will oblige the establishments wishing to obtain it to work according to a set of standards that It increases the quality of the goods produced first, and brings them in line with the demands of consumers in foreign markets, who will increase their confidence in the Qatari product once they see the quality mark on the cover of goods transferred from Doha to various capitals of the world, in recognition of the efforts made by the Qatari government to frame and advance its national factories To work according to a set of consistent data and its theory applied in the best companies at the international level, it is expected that the next stage will witness an increase in the number of national factories exporting their goods to countries close to us, at least before heading to distant markets in the future.

Al-Asfar called on the authorities responsible for this project to support it with another step, which is to take accreditation for the Qatari Quality Mark from various global alliances, in the form of what Turkey and Germany did, which were able to increase their annual export volume in various goods thanks to this step, which is the same thing that was done by Turkey and Germany. This will happen with our national commodities in the event that an agreement is reached with the various major alliances requiring that the Qatari Quality Mark be accompanied by the quality mark of these alliances, which will increase the credibility of our goods and facilitate their access to the markets of major countries in various continents of the world.