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US President-elect Joe Biden cemented his electoral victory by seizing the crucial state of Arizona late Thursday evening, but the process of transferring powers to his administration is still in a state of political hibernation as President Donald Trump refuses to accept defeat. The Edison Research Center said Biden won in Arizona after a count that took more than a week. With this, Biden becomes the second Democratic presidential candidate to win the state, which usually backs Republicans, in seven decades. Biden’s victory in Arizona gives him 290 votes in the electoral college that determines the winner, surpassing the 270 votes required to win. Biden leads the popular vote as well, with more than 5.3 million votes, equivalent to 3.4 percentage points. As the count ends in the vast majority of states, the chances of a Republican Trump, who have claimed without evidence that the election were marred by widespread fraud, diminish. To snatch victory from Biden, Trump must lead him in at least three of the crucial and closely contested states.

Real danger

161 former national security officials, some of whom worked with Trump, have warned that the current administration’s continued delay in recognizing Biden’s victory poses a “serious threat to national security.” Department of Public Services Officer Emily Murphy to recognize Biden as the president-elect. Unless the General Services Administration recognizes the president-elect, Biden and his team cannot obtain transfer-of-power funding and other resources including access to intelligence briefs. But Murphy has so far refused to change her position. Most Republican lawmakers still refuse to acknowledge Biden’s victory. The leader of the Democratic Senate, Chuck Schumer, accused them of “denying reality.” And he said ” The site reported that the marks were placed between October 27 and November 11. Accordingly, he mentioned that the participation of tweets with mentions decreased by 29%. The site has tagged about half of Trump’s tweets in the days following the election. The site reported that the marks were placed between October 27 and November 11. Accordingly, he mentioned that the participation of tweets with mentions decreased by 29%. The site has tagged about half of Trump’s tweets in the days following the election.

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“Politico” website said that the transition team of US President-elect Joe Biden had preliminary discussions with former officials who worked with former Defense Secretary James Mattis. The site quoted sources it described as well-informed that the talks are still in their infancy without ruling out the possibility of offering Biden’s team to former officials to serve in his administration. The site also indicated that the Biden team is seeking help from former officials in the transition process; Because he expects the current leadership in the Pentagon will not cooperate with him. Meanwhile, Ron Klein, senior adviser to Joe Biden, said that the president-elect spoke to some Republican members of the Senate, according to what was reported by US media. Biden’s nominated Klein to fill the White House chief of staff in his administration declined to reveal the names of Republican lawmakers who spoke with Biden, describing the talks as private.

In the context of the transition, CNN said that the leader of the Republican majority in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, refused to answer a question about whether President-elect Joe Biden should be informed of the secret briefings presented to the White House. A CNN reporter addressed Senator Chuck Grassley, the top Republican Senator in the House, representing Iowa, and he responded in the affirmative. The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, told CNN that President-elect Joe Biden should have intelligence briefings. The “CNN” that Biden and his team of advisers have not yet received the daily briefings of the White House classified top-secret, on urgent issues of national security. The Republican Senator from Wyoming, John Barrasso, said that according to US law, the two presidential candidates must be briefed on secret briefings. He added in an interview with “Fox News” that this is what his fellow Republican from Oklahoma State, James Lankford, also intended, who constantly demanded that Joe Biden receive those briefings, which stopped with the end of the elections. For its part, a White House spokeswoman said that President Donald Trump’s administration follows the laws stipulated in any potential power transfer process.

Poison democracy
Senate Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer accused Republicans Thursday of “poisoning” democracy by refusing to acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory against Donald Trump in the November 3 presidential election. “The Republicans in Congress deliberately sow doubt about our elections because they are afraid of Donald Trump,” the senator told a news conference in Washington. “We have just completed presidential elections that witnessed division and fierce competition, but instead of working to unify the country so that we fight our common enemy, Covid-19, Republicans in Congress spread conspiracy theories, deny reality, and poison the well of our democracy,” he added. While a handful of Republicans quickly acknowledged the victory of a Democratic candidate, such as Senator Mitt Romney, many others remained silent or publicly supported the outgoing president’s allegations of election “theft”. Chuck Schumer of Congress continued, “This morning I have a very simple message for Republican senators: The elections are over. (The results) were not close. President Trump has been defeated. Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. “

China congratulates
China on Friday congratulated US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on their victory in the November 3 elections, in which President Donald Trump refuses to accept his defeat, about a week after the former vice president’s victory in states sufficient for him to win the presidency. “We respect the choice of the American people, and we congratulate Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Winbin said in a daily briefing. “We realize that the results of the US elections will be determined according to the laws and procedures of the United States,” he added.

Democrat Joe Biden won 306 of the electorate to 232 for his Republican rival Donald Trump, and Biden won in Georgia (16 of the top electors) and North Carolina (15). And US federal officials stressed that there is no evidence of any voting card fraud or the vote counting system in the US elections, at a time when a prominent Democratic member of the Senate accused Republicans refusing to acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory in the vote of “poisoning democracy.” The assurances came hours after US President Donald Trump had re-posted tweets in which he insisted that the vote counting system had “deleted” 2.7 million votes nationwide. A statement issued by the Governmental Infrastructure Coordination Council for Elections, a group affiliated with the main Federal Election Security Authority, stated: “The Electronic Security and Infrastructure Security Agency” that