You’re company not paying salary, not giving benefit learn how to file the complaint against them.

  1. Note down the full name of company and location .
  2. Get the contact number of company’s manager or number of Mandoob.
  3. Copy of Passport and Qatar ID.
  4. Go to the Labor department located on Main Al Attiya Road, near to street 13.
  5. On reaching office , fill up the complain form.
  6. Submit the form with the labour inspector.

Narrate your story and provide any documents if you got.

Inspector will take the charge and contact your mandoob or manager and take your case forward.
Dispute Resolution

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After investigating a worker’s complaint, the Labor Department will try its best to resolve the issue without referring it to court. The department will contact the employer and request for proofs and documents if necessary. If a resolution cannot be reached, the case will be referred to court.

Additional Information:

Call 44406406 for more information
Ministry Of Labour and Social Affairs
Address: Doha ,Diplomatic Area Beside Dolphin Tower, Doha, Qatar
Phone:+974 4424 1101