My faith in humanity is once again restored.

They say that ‘the opportunity makes the thief’. There are times when some people don’t usually steal, but when an opportunity comes—they do. When you see a wallet or a very expensive item lying around with nobody else to witness your evil deed, would you take it? Sadly, there are not enough honest people in the world. As the poor become poorer and rich become richer, more people tend to steal just to survive.

But for Jayward Comendador, a 22-year-old staff at Sogo Hotel Dau in the Philippines, taking something that isn’t his is never right. As a matter of fact, as he was tasked to clean a room formerly occupied by an Australian citizen, he found a bag full of cash—but immediately returned the said bag to its rightful owner.

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65-year-old Robert Nay returned the following day after realizing he had lost all of his money, but was happy to see that everything was intact—thanks to Jayward. According to reports, the said bag had USD 4900, and some valuable items inside.

Mr Nay said: “Thanks to Mr. Jayward, the room attendant who found the bag inside the room and turn overed the same to the management of Hotel Sogo Dau.”

Not only was the guest happy with Jayward’s selfless act, but the hotel management was proud and happy as well. With this at hand, the said hotel promised to give Jaymark a promotion.