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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education announced a change in the return to school plan for the 2020/2021 academic year, and the new plan will adopt a hybrid system during the first semester of this year.

The Ministry of Health said on its website that the system will be based on a combination of classroom lessons and online educational sessions for all academic levels in public and private schools and for all age groups, starting from the pre-primary stage and ending with the post-secondary stages.

Students with the following categories can also submit requests for exemption from attending classes in schools and educational institutions: 

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Students suffering from chronic diseases 

Students who have first-degree relatives who suffer from chronic diseases and who live with them in the same house.

Students who meet the above-mentioned conditions must submit an application to obtain the approved medical exemption certificate attached to the national address certificate to the school or educational institution to which they belong.

How to apply for a medical exemption certificate 

1. Through the online MyHealth portal (this service will be available from Friday 28 August 2020)
   – The easiest way to obtain the required medical exemption certificate is to download the certificate through the “My Health” portal MyHealth via the following link:

   – are available at the gate , “my health” “MyHealth” electronic certificates ready for owners of chronic diseases who are receiving treatment at Hamad Medical Corporation facilities Or Primary Health Care Corporation facilities.
   Patients suffering from chronic diseases who have not registered with the online portal must initiate registration at the portal immediately in order to be able to obtain the required medical exemption certificate, and the registration and activation process for this service takes about 24 hours.
2. Through the online certificate application form 
   – Chronic disease patients who hold a health card and are receiving treatment at HMC facilities or PHC facilities can apply for a certificate using a certificate application form downloaded online through the following link:  Https://
   – The certificate is prepared and sent to the applicant patient demand by e – mail within 7 days from the date of application.

3. Through the website of the Primary Health Care Corporation
   – patients can complete the application form available on the website of the Primary Health Care Corporation for all registered patients who possess a valid health card.

4. Through the primary health care center 

   Chronic disease patients who have a Qatari health card but have not previously received treatment in HMC facilities or PHCC facilities (i.e., chronic disease cases are not documented in their medical records in these facilities) must obtain an appointment at the care center Primary health record of their chronic disease cases.

   Patients can book an appointment and submit a request at the health center to obtain this certificate.

5. Through a private or semi-private health center 

   Chronic disease patients who do not hold a Qatari health card must go to one of the private health centers in the State of Qatar and ask him to provide them with medical exemption certificates, bearing in mind that these centers charge fees for issuing these certificates.

For more information about medical exemption certificates for schools, you can contact the Customer Service Team (We hear you) at Hamad Medical Corporation at (16000) or the Customer Service Team (Hayyak) at the Primary Health Care Corporation at (107).