First people mover trams making their way to Qatar, Siemens says

The first batch of trams for Qatar Foundation’s upcoming people mover system has been shipped out of Germany and is heading to the Doha Port, engineering company Siemens has announced.

The three Avenio trams are among eight scheduled for delivery to Qatar this summer, as part of a US$412 million project aimed at making QF a car-free campus.

A total of 19 trains are being manufactured by Siemens, whose first shipment comes after a round of testing earlier this year to see if the trams could withstand the extreme heat and high humidity of a Qatar summer.

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The new tram system is envisioned to transport an average of 3,300 people in each direction an hour, with 16 of the 19 trains operating at four-minute intervals during peak time.

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Source News: Doha News