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The “fitch solutions” agency raised its forecasts for the expected growth of the Qatari economy in the next year, and expressed optimism that it will overcome all the negative effects of the crisis created by the spread of the Corona virus emerging in many countries of the world, due to the many characteristics that distinguish the Qatari economy from other economies On various continents, foremost among which is the increase in hydrocarbon production, in addition to the expansion of companies and the doubling of their activity with the approach of Doha to the World Cup 2022, which we are no longer separated from for only two years, in addition to this success in gradually returning trade to what it was previously, based on To the economic opening plan announced by the government in four stages, the last of which will be at the beginning of next September.

The report issued by the agency revealed that the expected growth rate of the Qatari economy in the year 2021 is estimated at 3.4%, stressing that this development will be supported by the aforementioned data, as next year will witness a doubling of the number of commercial transactions after the lifting of the precautionary measures to combat the spread of the emerging Corona virus, whether This was between companies or even individuals, pointing out that Qatar’s approach to receiving the World Cup in its twenty-second edition will push local and foreign companies active in Doha to expand their investments in order to contribute to the good preparation for this global event, by handing over their projects, especially Those related to the infrastructure and the hospitality sector, in light of the expectations that confirm visiting Qatar by millions during this tournament.

The report stressed that the expansion of LNG production and continuing to play the leading role in the global clean energy market will play a major role in the recovery of the local economy at the required speed, after the damages it experienced this year due to the Covid-19 epidemic, awaiting a growth of 4% in the production LNG in 2021, with external demand beginning to increase again and gradually returning global growth to the positive side, following the significant decline that has occurred since the beginning of the current year.