Fooling these high-tech ‘sniper’ radars will not be easy

The Traffic Department is installing high quality smart radars along the entire stretch of the newly opened F-Ring Road.

The smart radars are being installed in collaboration with the Public Works Authority (Ashghal), local daily The Peninsula reports.

It has already installed such high quality speed recording radars along several major roads across the country, including Corniche Road, Ras Abu Abboud Expressway, Doha Expressway and other roads, that can monitor the speed of a vehicle between two radars.

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According to experts, unlike conventional radars, motorists cannot deceive these high-tech radars by decelerating the speed of their vehicles just few metres ahead while approaching a radar and accelerate immediately after they cross it.

The new radars are intended to discipline such drivers because these smart radars, called “snipers” have the ability to record a vehicle’s speed from a distance of 700 metres.

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Source News: Qatar Living