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With the deadline for registering the national address data, yesterday, Sunday 26 July, many residents stranded outside the State of Qatar due to the pandemic circumstances of Corona, who were unable to register, are wondering about their current position.

The official account of the Qatar e-government portal, “Hukoomi” in Twitter, confirmed in his answer to a question from one of the tweets about the available solutions for this category, that “upon returning, God willing, a person can bring proof of his presence outside the country during this period.”

Lt. Col. Dr. Abdullah Zayed Al-Sahli, head of the National Address Department of Public Security, said in previous statements to Qatar TV that there will be flexibility in registering for those who are stranded due to the pandemic of the Corona virus and will be registered after returning to the country.

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** A fine of 10 thousand riyals for the retarded

Article 6 of the National Address Law stipulates that any person who violates any of the provisions of Articles (3) and (4) of the Law shall be penalized with a fine not exceeding 10,000 riyals (relating to the obligation of the taxpayer to provide the national address data to the competent authority, and notify him of any amendment or change Occur), or intentionally notifying the competent authority of incorrect data on its national address.

** Quantum leap

From the point of view, the national address will make a qualitative shift through the transition from traditional correspondence to digital correspondence to serve all citizens and residents in their dealings with various governmental and non-governmental agencies.

In general, this law constitutes a qualitative shift in the progress of judicial and judicial procedures, whereby every person in the State of Qatar, a citizen or natural or moral resident, will have a national address. The goals and benefits of the national address are to contribute to achieving more security by providing security services such as emergency, ambulance and civil defense as soon as possible.

Judicial declarations

On the other hand, the Ministry of Interior announced today, Monday, the identification of national address data approved for judicial announcements, after reviewing Law No. (24) of 2017 regarding the national address, especially Article (2), last paragraph and Article (3) thereof.

The ministry said on its Twitter account that “after reviewing after reviewing Law No. (24) of 2017 regarding the national address, especially Article (2) the last paragraph and Article (3) thereof, and the Minister of Interior’s Resolution No. (96 of 2019) implementing some The provisions of Law No. (24) of 2017 regarding the national address and after coordination with the Supreme Council of the Judiciary. Work, or a paper advertisement at the permanent address abroad (if any) in case the final departure from the country is confirmed.

The ministry indicated that if the taxpayer does not provide his national address to the competent authority, the judicial declarations on this authority are considered valid and productive for all of its legal effects.