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The State of Qatar reaffirmed its solidarity and continued support for the Afghan people to consolidate national reconciliation and achieve a comprehensive and sustainable peace agreement that would restore to them the security and stability it deserves to ensure that they live in a decent life after suffering from long decades of fighting.

This came in a statement made by the State of Qatar, which was made by His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, during the hypothetical high-level meeting of the Security Council in the ARIA format, entitled: “What can the Security Council do to support the peace process in Afghanistan? Organized by Estonia, Germany and Indonesia, in partnership with the State of Qatar, Finland, Norway and Afghanistan, via video call.

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani stressed the strength of the relationship between the State of Qatar and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, noting that the State of Qatar considers itself an international partner keen to do everything possible to support Afghanistan’s march towards stability, security, construction and prosperity.

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He stressed that Qatar’s firm stance in standing by Afghanistan in restoring peace and security is part of its firm foreign policy that has consistently provided support to achieve peace, security and development at the regional and international levels, and to promote the settlement of disputes by diplomatic and peaceful means, the foremost of which is mediation that has succeeded. Through it, in achieving important achievements in cooperation with its international partners.

His Excellency praised the great efforts being made under the leadership of His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, to strengthen state institutions and improve security and development in the Republic of Afghanistan, and thanked the countries with which the State of Qatar co-sponsored this important meeting, which comes at a pivotal stage in the history of Afghanistan in light of the continuation of the Afghan peace process negotiations.

He said that those efforts culminated in the last period with the conclusion of a peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban in Doha on February 29, which the Security Council described in its Resolution No. 2513 (2020) as “an important step towards ending the war and opening the door to negotiations between the Afghan parties.” .

He added: “Despite the exceptional circumstances imposed by the (Covid-19) virus pandemic this year, Qatari efforts have continued, and they were able to cease fire on the blessed Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, as well as the success of the prisoner exchange process between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban movement as a result of the agreement that took place. Done in Doha on the 29th of last February.

His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs said: “There is no doubt that these successes have been achieved as a result of the sincere desire of the State of Qatar to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan without any agendas or special interests, and I note that this approach is not only beneficial to the parties concerned, but is also positively reflected Wider on regional and international peace and security. “

His Excellency pointed out that the peace agreement between the United States of America and the Taliban movement constituted an additional incentive to make more efforts to bring the Afghan parties to the dialogue table.

He added, “In continuation of the Qatari endeavors and in fulfillment of the mediating role that it is playing, Doha hosted the Afghan peace negotiations on September 12, in which the members of the Security Council, through a press statement, thanked the State of Qatar for facilitating the conduct of these negotiations,” noting the importance of the effective role of the Security Council in Supporting mediation as an effective tool for achieving peace.

His Excellency Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, said: “We are looking forward to the Afghan peace negotiations leading to the achievement of the desired comprehensive political settlement in Afghanistan, putting an end to the state of violence and paving the way to unleash the energies of the Afghan people, and meet their aspirations in Lasting peace, stability, prosperity and progress, and this will not be achieved without ensuring the rights and effective participation of all groups of the Afghan people, including women, girls, youth and minorities. “

His Excellency affirmed that the State of Qatar appreciates the important role played by Afghanistan’s international and regional partners.

He added, “It was a pleasure for us to cooperate in support of the Afghan peace talks with members of the Security Council, and friendly countries such as the Federal Republic of Germany, with which we partnered with the Afghan-Afghan Dialogue Conference in Doha in July 2019, and that conference witnessed the participation of representatives.” On the various Afghans, political parties, civil society, and distinguished women’s participation.

His Excellency said: “We realize that no one is better able to understand the dimensions of the Afghan crisis and its repercussions, nor appreciate the interest of the Afghan people more than the Afghans themselves, because the peace process is led and controlled by the Afghans alone, and the role of brothers and friends is only a helper and a helper.”

He continued: “We urge all Afghan parties to uphold the national interest above any consideration, to strengthen confidence between all parties, to accept difference and consolidate the right of citizenship for all Afghan people, and I stress that the primary responsibility of the Security Council in the maintenance of international peace and security requires it to assume its responsibility and support the peace process in Afghanistan and creating the appropriate conditions for its success, especially through the role of the UN mission in Afghanistan, as well as supporting the ongoing diplomatic and mediation efforts.

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani indicated that the Afghan people have made a lot of progress in the fields of social development, freedoms, human rights and democracy over the past two decades, noting that Afghanistan today is going through a very delicate stage that requires and requires – preserving these gains and building on them.

He added, “In this regard, the international community must provide all aspects of support to Afghanistan, whether in the field of humanitarian and development aid or providing expertise, technical support and other forms of support.”

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, said: “We express our hope that the Afghanistan 2020 conference to be held next week in Geneva will achieve its desired goals, and we commend in this regard the efforts of the United Nations Mission to provide assistance to Afghanistan (UNAMA). ), And we affirm our continued support for her. “