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 His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the inauguration of the International Center for the Application of Behavioral Visions to Combat Terrorism in Doha is an important occasion and bears many meanings and connotations.

He added, “The international center is the first of its kind in the region and the world to combat terrorism and violent extremism, which came as a result of the agreement signed on the sidelines of the Doha Forum in 2019 in the presence of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.”

In his speech at the opening and inauguration ceremony of the center in Doha today, His Excellency affirmed that the State of Qatar’s hosting of this center reflects the close cooperation between it and the United Nations Organization to achieve its lofty goals, and said: “This is what His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country has confirmed. – May God protect him – before the current session of the General Assembly, there is no doubt that the opening of this center today in Doha is a very clear message that the State of Qatar is fulfilling what it promises, and that it is continuing to consolidate the partnership with the United Nations, and strengthen the capacity of the relevant agencies in it to perform their tasks, and actively contribute to International efforts to combat terrorism and violent extremism, which is an original commitment of the State of Qatar to achieving the goals of the United Nations, which this year the international community commemorates the 75th anniversary of the adoption of its charter.

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He stressed that the State of Qatar, aware of the important role of this center in combating terrorism, has made a financial contribution in the amount of five million dollars for its establishment and implementation of its work program over a period of three years.

His Excellency also affirmed that the State of Qatar’s keenness to host this center stems from its firm policy that is based on the values, culture and teachings of the true Islamic religion, which rejects terrorism in all its forms and forms, whatever its causes or motives, and from its belief that combating this abhorrent phenomenon cannot be done individually. However, it requires an integrated approach that combines national, regional and international efforts to address the roots and causes of terrorism, and confront extremist ideologies that incite violence and hatred, and spread chaos and instability in the world.

He said: “Accordingly, the establishment of the International Center for the Application of Behavioral Visions was based on educational, scientific and realistic justifications, as the Doha Center will focus on children and youth as the fuel that extremist groups target to achieve their goals, which requires that this basic and important segment of society should be given priority in all plans. And national and international programs, if we want to build societies immune to fanatic and extremist ideas. “

He stressed that the State of Qatar has attached special importance to combating violent extremism, and has worked within the framework of the United Nations and at the national level, in order to protect children and youth from extremism, and led efforts to hold a high-level session of the General Assembly in 2016 on children and youth affected by violent extremism, and will spare no effort in To continue its regional and international partnerships and to make all efforts to achieve this goal.

In this context, His Excellency expressed the State of Qatar looking forward with great optimism to the important role played by the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office, and reiterated that Qatar would not hesitate to support the office to enable it to carry out its mandate, and said: “We are proud that the State of Qatar is at the top of the donor countries to the office. .

His Excellency expressed the State of Qatar’s appreciation for the valuable efforts of His Excellency Mr. To the scourge of terrorism and extremism, for which the whole world has always paid a heavy price.

He added: “I do not fail in this regard to salute the tireless efforts of Ambassador Alia Ahmed bin Saif Al Thani, the permanent representative of the State of Qatar in New York, to translate the orientations and policies of the State of Qatar under the leadership of His Highness the Emir of the country – may God protect him – towards strengthening relations with nations. And in a way that achieves the common goals sought by the international community. “

He said, “It was our hope that you will be with us today in Doha, which is proud of being a global platform for pluralism, and a center for many United Nations offices and international institutions, which serve the collective interest of the Member States and the United Nations system.”