A number of European companies are taking part in the ongoing Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition — S’hail 2019.
Representatives of some of these companies stressed that the success of the previous two editions of the event prompted them to come to Doha and display their products and services while looking for good business opportunities.
The exhibition, which got under way yesterday, is witnessing the participation of more than 140 local and international companies from 20 countries.
Sean Scott, international sporting manager at UK-based company E J Churchill, said he heard about the success of the previous editions of S’hail from other operators in the field and, accordingly, the company made the necessary arrangements to take part in this year’s edition.
“The exhibition is in line with international standards in the field and is a very well-organised and high-level event. The turnout of visitors seems very good to me, right from the early hours of its opening,” he said, describing the local market as full of opportunities due to the love of Qataris for falcons and hunting.
Martins Mechiel from Kiezebrink, a Netherlands-based company focusing on food and nutrition, said this is their first participation in the event.
He stressed it is a very good opportunity for his company to display and present its services and products in a promising market such as Qatar. The company has a branch in the country and it is doing well, he added.
“The Qatari people are very friendly and willing to co-operate and get introduced to new things. From the time we started making arrangements to come here until this moment, everything has been more than excellent. The country is amazing and has a lot of good business opportunities,” he said.
Simon Rood from British hunting rifles and gun maker Purdey said this is his company’s first visit to Doha.
After receiving positive feedback from compatriots in the industry who had taken part in previous editions of S’hail, the company was keen to bring its goods to Qatar with positive expectations for good business.
“Our rifles are completely hand-made and tailored based on the customer’s orders, which have to be placed as early as possible because each rifle takes time to produce. Some of these could cost around QR500,000,” he informed.
Rood noted that the exhibition would be an excellent opportunity to introduce his special products to the local and regional market.
Hans Kuspert from Falcon Center Germany said his company has been a regular participant at the event alongside a local partner.
He brought a good number of high-quality breeds as well training services for the event and is sure that sales would be high.
He added that the organisation of the event and facilities provided are of great quality and provide comfort to all, including the falcons on display.
Syrian falcon trader Mohamed Ahmed stressed that falconry fans have been flocking to the event from the early hours, and the exhibition promises to be yet another success.