The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, represented by the Department of Family Affairs, organized a forum entitled Ways to Prevent and Qualify Adolescents from Drug Addiction with the participation of the Doha International Family Institute, the Hamad Medical Corporation, the General Department for Narcotics Control and the Nouvre Center, by visual communication, which targets The youth category is mainly.
This forum coincides with the International Day for Combating Drugs and Illicit Trafficking, which falls on June 26. Various state institutions are also making strenuous efforts, developing national strategic plans for drug prevention and addiction, and spreading awareness among all members of the society of their seriousness and harm, And to provide all treatments with confidentiality and privacy.
The forum addressed several main axes related to the diagnostic criteria for drug addiction, confidentiality, and privacy in treating adolescent addiction, office interview skills with adolescents, in addition to touching on the most important methods and stages of treatment programs and ways to contain adolescents and protect them from falling into addiction.
Mrs. Najat Al-Abdullah, Director of the Family Affairs Department delivered her opening speech during the forum, in addition to the participation of a number of influential personalities in the field of family and health.
And Shareefa Al-Emadi, Executive Director of the Doha International Family Institute, talked about a pilot program to protect young adults from drug addiction. Dr. Majed Al-Abdullah, a consultant psychiatrist and medical director of the mental health services for the Hamad Foundation, participated in a paragraph entitled Addiction and mental illness among adolescents.
Captain Nasser Al-Shahwani, Assistant Director of Studies and International Affairs in the General Department of Narcotics Control spoke about ways to immunize children from the scourge of drugs and their prevention. Dr. Muhammad Kamal Abdullah and Professor Dania Al-Ishaq, two psychologists from the Louver Center, presented a paragraph titled Adolescent Without addiction.
At the end of the forum, Dr. Khaled Abdul Jabbar spoke about the diagnostic criteria for drug addiction