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A report by the French “Atlantico” website confirmed that Doha has made a quantum leap in the past 25 years at all levels, establishing important elements of its soft power, such as the island and Qatar Airways, and its ability to host major sporting events, which made it at the forefront of global public opinion, and between the report published yesterday and its translation Al-Sharq said that the State of Qatar has witnessed an exceptional economic development that emerged through the great development of its infrastructure and the development of its logistical capabilities that made it one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The report stated that before oil and gas, Qatar’s main wealth was fishing and pearl oyster fishing thanks to its 563 km of coastline. After the discovery of the energy revolution, it is still the largest exporter of LNG in the world.

Since 1995, Qatar has witnessed exceptional economic development, the Qatari economic model aims to diversify investments by diversifying sectors of intervention and partnership, and Qatar has grown to become one of the most prosperous countries in the world, as it spread rapidly and measurably in Doha, skyscrapers, shopping malls, hotels and elegant residential buildings. And luxury villas, and Doha has also achieved significant development in infrastructure: more than 1,500 kilometers of roads and more than 500 kilometers of highways, in addition to achieving significant logistical growth through Hamad International Airport, distinctive sports facilities. In the context of diversifying the economy dependent on clean energy, Doha hosts annual meetings and seminars on the environment. The State of Qatar has also established an Energy City project, which will host corporate offices in the sector, as well as countless services:
The report indicated that the State of Qatar was able within a few years to establish an important international position through a group of soft power elements that it possesses, such as the Al Jazeera International Network that broadcasts around the clock news of the region, Qatar Airways, and the star of Doha has also shone through sport and its ability to Organizing a range of international events: the annual Doha Tennis Championship, the Qatar Annual Cycling Competition, the 2006 Asian Games, the 2015 Men’s Handball World Championship, the Athletics 2019, as well as the larger event, the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Doha has also invested in sports by purchasing clubs First-class European, and Doha won medals in the Summer Olympic Games and the Asian Cup of Nations football in 2019. It also invested in equestrian sports by purchasing horse farms to breed purebred horses, sponsoring the Qatar Prix de Triomphe continues to 2022.