Milipol Qatar 2021 is an international platform for the participation of the most prominent actors in the public and industrial security sector around the world, who seize the opportunity to participate in the exhibition to review the latest innovative products and services in the fields of security and safety, and this international event is one of the most important manifestations of Qatari-French cooperation that serves the interest of both countries.
In this regard, the French newspaper Les Echos emphasized in a report published by the importance of cooperation between Doha and Paris in many fields. The report of the French newspaper translated by “Al Sharq” highlighted that Doha was able to diversify its economy at a rapid pace, thanks to the strong political will to develop national industry, establish partnerships around the world and develop investments. The report indicated that Doha has long-term ambitions in the field of tourism and manufacturing, especially in the energy and agri-food sectors. Qatar has proven that it has all the means to realize its ambitions.

The success of Vision 2030

The French newspaper said in its report that Qatar presented in 2008, and long before other countries, its economic development plan, which it called “Qatar National Vision 2030”, which aims to transform the country “into an advanced society capable of maintaining its development and providing a level My living is high. ” This plan defined the long-term goals of the State of Qatar by calling for growth and development in all areas and provided a structural framework for their implementation.
Today, twelve years later, this plan has already yielded important and significant results, as Qatar witnessed a growth rate ranging between 4% and 5% between 2012 and 2015, then saw its GDP rise from 166.9 billion in 2017 to 183.5 billion dollars in 2019. Despite the difficult regional geopolitical context in the region, Doha was able to diversify its economy at a rapid pace, thanks to the strong political will to develop the national industry and boost the Qatari economy.
According to the report, cooperation with French companies played a very major role in the emergence of a more diversified economy, thanks to the strengthening of trade links in new sectors such as tourism, hotels and restaurants, security, logistics and transportation, similar to the partnership with Vinci Construction, which established a strong relationship and a very rich partnership with Many Qatari entities and companies. For example, the Corporation established a joint venture with Qatari Diar, through QDVC, and in cooperation with Alstom, together in mid-November they delivered the first phase of the Lusail Light Rail tram line, which is a tramway that uses the latest technologies and the most energy-efficient, a first step to Doha. And another step towards the emergence of clean and connected cities.

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Fruitful cooperation

The report stated that in light of highlighting Doha with the approaching FIFA World Cup in 2022, and in a changing geopolitical and economic context, the strategic partnership between Qatar and France is a valuable component for French companies, which are operating well in the Qatari market, where the Josine Advance Mobility Engineering operating company is involved. In the field of clean mobility and logistics, in various partnerships with Qatari institutions, bodies and companies such as Qatar Ports to launch an electric car industry project with the Free Zones Authority in Qatar, and this partnership with Doha gave a new dimension to its international technological leadership. In the field of gastronomy, Pierre Hermé Paris has been in Qatar for seven years and is preparing to open two new stores in 2021. There are a number of French institutions in Doha working in a number of fields and providing examples of opportunities available to French companies in Doha in light of the trend towards diversification and economic development. .
The report continued: The figures on the growth of bilateral trade between the two countries speak for themselves, as since 2014, trade exchange has exceeded 2 billion euros annually, reaching nearly 3.2 billion in 2019, an increase of 28% compared to the previous year. France is today the tenth resource for the State of Qatar. In addition, the 120 French companies represent an important component of the Qatari economy, as they were able to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the preparations for the FIFA World Cup, which accelerated the country’s economic dynamism.
The report indicated that Qatar’s ambitions do not intend to stop at this point of development. On the contrary, Doha has great long-term ambitions in the field of tourism (business tourism, sports tourism, leisure tourism, cultural tourism) and industrialization, especially in the energy and agri-food sectors. Doha has proven that it has all the means to realize its ambitions.
Doha also cooperates with Paris to achieve distinction through fruitful exchange and joint investments with French companies. Over the years, economic relations have gained, thanks to the harmony of mutual political will and joint initiatives such as the Qatar-French Economic Circle meetings, a unique depth and richness of constructive cooperation between Doha and Paris. The newspaper highlighted that the commitment of Qatar Airways since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, when most airlines suspended their flights – to continue operating the Paris-Doha route, flights and freight, and the return of more than 70,000 French citizens from around the world is a great evidence of the deep friendship between the two countries. Therefore, all French companies, regardless of their size – large groups, medium and small companies, are encouraged to focus on investing in Doha to seize the upcoming opportunities over the next decade.

Milipol Qatar 2021

Milipol Qatar 2021 is another important opportunity for Qatar-France cooperation, as this international event is held in partnership between Milipol Qatar and Milipol France. The exhibition committee decided to organize the thirteenth edition of the leading international exhibition in the field of internal security and civil defense, from 15 to 17 March 2021. The recent list of exhibitors for the event, which is held every two years, shows confirmations from organizations across Scandinavia, Europe, the United Kingdom, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. The Far East and the Indian subcontinent.
The exhibition represents an important platform to access everything related to the field of internal security and civil defense in the Middle East, which is witnessing rapid development and driven by technical developments, as well as the growth of internal health and safety requirements in the wake of the spread of the new Corona epidemic.
The Milipol Qatar event attracts the most prominent actors in the public and industrial security sector around the world, who seize the opportunity to participate in the exhibition to review the latest innovative products and services in the areas of security and safety, protection and prevention devices and systems, and other innovative systems and services.
The event meets a large part of the growing security needs of the State of Qatar, in line with its National Vision 2030. The exhibition program includes dialogues, studies and discussions about the growing challenges and opportunities in the industry. The Milipol Qatar 2021 exhibition is expected to welcome more than 200 exhibitors and nearly 8,000 visitors. Milipol Qatar will be held in March to be a window into the security market in the Middle East, which is undergoing a rapid transformation driven by technological advances and increasing health and safety requirements in order to achieve ambitions in organizing major international events, such as the 2022 FIFA World Cup.