In the first public interview with an Israeli website, the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said that the UAE is interested in implementing the normalization process with Israel very quickly.

And Gargash added – in an interview with the Hebrew “Walla” intelligence site – that Israeli tourists will soon be able to visit the Emirates.

He referred to the developments in the Emirati-Israeli relations, saying: “Relations with Israel have progressed slowly. I remember that there was a time when an Israeli tennis player came to visit, and there was a whole story with an entry visa. We realized that not having relations is an unhealthy thing a year ago. Or two, we understood that it is possible to disagree on political issues, but it is possible to cooperate in other areas. “

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Gargash also indicated that signing an agreement to normalize relations or direct diplomatic relations between the UAE and Israel is not symbolic, pointing out that his country wants to advance in this matter quickly. 

Gargash said: I think that the teams will meet quickly to discuss issues of concern to the Emirati and Israeli sides. We are not talking about a slow and gradual process, our idea is to move forward.

Gargash addressed to the Israeli journalist Barak Rafid who conducted the interview, saying: I will not surprise you if you say that the issue that interests us most is agriculture, food security, cybersecurity, tourism, technology, and I am confident that the Israelis have a similar list as well, we represent the largest Two economies in the region.

According to the Emirati minister, his country is concerned that the agreement will contribute to building “normal relations between the two countries. We are interested in bilateral relations, opening embassies, commercial relations, and so on.”

In response to a question about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s assertion of his commitment to implementing the annexation plan, Gargash said that the agreement that was reached is a “tripartite agreement and commitment to it is a tripartite commitment”. He expected that Israel would abide by what was stated in the agreement, claiming that the agreement enhances the chances of the Palestinians returning to negotiations. . 

He added that he would contact his Israeli counterpart Gabi Ashkenazi at the appropriate time, stressing that the challenge now is to push the teams of both sides to make progress quickly.

Gargash expressed his hope that Israeli tourists would soon be able to visit the UAE, “We do not want to progress gradually, we are interested in moving … especially in light of the fact that Israel will participate in the Expo in Dubai, and we are interested in finding Israeli visitors there.”