The criminal court has sentenced a GCC man to death for the premeditated murder of two persons, including the husband of a woman who acted as his accomplice in the crime.
Local Arabic daily newspaper Arrayah reported that the court also sentenced the woman to 22 years in jail after she was convicted of assisting the defendant in plotting the crime and helping him commit it by providing information and photographs of the victims.
The first defendant, who was part of the security team at a local hospital, had developed a relationship with the woman, the second defendant.
According to the newspaper report, the first defendant promised to help her get rid of her husband and one of his relatives by tricking them into meeting him in a neighbouring country and killing them there.
Accordingly, the second defendant supplied him with the phone numbers and photograph  of the intended victims through a popular instant messaging service.
Following that, the first defendant contacted the duo and told them that he wanted to give them something that had been sent to him by the husband’s father.
When they arrived at the designated spot – a deserted area – in the neighbouring country, he gunned them down, the report added.
A police investigation was subsequently carried out and the court convicted the accused.